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Everything posted by IndianaWrestlingGuy

  1. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Good matches/meets this weekend?

    XCard, Cathedral was pretty lopsided in most victories outside of Avon. Coach McGinley wrestled a number of JV guys in that match and i think Avon scored 20+ on the Irish. If you are wondering about Munster, Estrada didn't wrestle. I guess he tweaked a knee in his last match and was taking the weekend off in preparation for the Traicoff. Surma beat N. Hupp (Cathedral) 6-0. Controlling. Wright took Eppert down in the first period with a snap/spin combo. Eppert escaped 2-1. Second period Wright reversed Eppert and took him to his back. In most people's opinion, there were two back points that were missed in that exchange for Wright. Eppert escaped. 4-2 Wright. Eppert chooses down and Wright rides him for 1:25. Eppert escapes. 4-3 flurry at the end to no avail. Final. Johnny Grey got 3 near fall points two times on Nick Odom and was fairly dominate in his win over the Warren star. Other than that, the freshmen for Cathedral Tyler Willis and Brian Harvey had nice debut. I thought the next best team there was either Warren Central or Avon. Anderson Highland didn't seem to have anything outside of Bennett and Eppert. I think Cathedral beat Warren 50-16 and Cathedral forfeited the final match. All I got....
  2. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Good matches/meets this weekend?

    At Cathedral, Wright beats Eppert 4-3 Sammy Bennett beats G. McGinley 5-4 John Grey beats Odom 10-2 Aurelio Medina (Munster) beats Brian Harvey 5-4
  3. IndianaWrestlingGuy


    Jesus. I think Quiroga might have the toughest first 10 matches of all time in Indiana. Eppert, Spencer, Wright, Tsirtsis, Harper in his first 10 matches. Wow. If he comes out unscathed, he is a lock for the State Title.
  4. IndianaWrestlingGuy


    Brandon Nelsen of LN wrestled 112 on Wednesday night. Looked like he had grown. Seriously doubt he will be at 103. You are missing Johnny Grey of Cathedral too. He will probably go where Brandon Wright doesn't this year.
  5. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Good matches/meets this weekend?

    Not a chance that Sullivan is at 140. Gavin isn't wrestling. Buchanan won't by to 215 most likely. Tomorrow will be a patchwork Irish squad. If Eppert goes 125 which I am sure he will to face Wright, you have that match. Then I imagine Sammy Bennett will get possibly Tony McGinley or Calvin Sullivan (if Cal even wrestles tomorrow). Old Frosh Tyler Willis might be at 152, he will give Bennett all he can handle down there if Willis weighs in at 152. That is about all I can guesstimate from the Cathedral - AH match.
  6. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Attention: Chris Traicoff Memorial Teams

    I think the previous State Team Rankings to the 12-4 rankings today were much better for seeding. I am nothing but a wrestling forum troll, but the top 3 seeds should be Mishawaka, Crown Point, Cathedral. You can see the comparative score between Anderson Highland/LN last night and the Anderson Highland/Cathedral score this weekend if you have questions who is the better team coming from Indy. Not sure how Franklin or Floyd Central is looking and you know the Region as well as anyone.
  7. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    High School Wrestling Poll posted Dec. 4th Indystar.

    I hope like hell we can shake our weights down by Calumet. We have about 4 weights that are finalized right now and our first tourney in less than 39 hours. Can't wait to get this squad together.
  8. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    High School Wrestling Poll posted Dec. 4th Indystar.

    Hmmmmm. Interesting. Cathedral drops 13 spots just in time for the seeding at the Traicoff, huh. Hmmmmmm. That means that Floyd Central and Lawrence North will be seeded higher? Hmmmmm. 1. Mishawaka 2. Crown Point 3. Lawrence North 4. Floyd Central 5. Cathedral. Good. I can't wait for the North. Bring it.
  9. IndianaWrestlingGuy


    Y2, You might throw up another "poll" or "New Topic" on the old board for those folks that missed the announcement of this new site. i am sure people are still in the dark about this that frequent IHWSCA.com less than the addicts.
  10. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    This weekend

    Cathedral Invite has Warren Central, Anderson Highland, and Munster in it. I forget the other squads there. Wright vs. Eppert most likely. Sammy Bennett vs. one of the McGinley's/Sullivan. I think AH vs. Cathedral will probably be one of the last matches at after lunch if I had to guess.
  11. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Biggest Crowd

    I have yet to ever see a crowd that rivaled the Indianapolis Cathedral - Delta battles between Rhodes and Palmer/Patton in the 80's. Cathedral had to rent out whole seperate venues to accommodate the crowds. I think there was legitimate hatred between the programs. Rhodes used to wear a tuxedo in all his brashness to fuel the fire. It was a great series between two programs in their prime.
  12. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Need Weight Classes For the Following Guys... Please Help

    Calvin was listed on the football roster at 155, not sure if he got to that football playing weight or not. He is a great hitter on the field. A big part of Cathedral's awesome defense as a DB this season. Calvin is a great kid.
  13. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Need Weight Classes For the Following Guys... Please Help

    Cathedral's line-up is a mess right now. We are just getting our 4 upper weights in the room this week at different times after the Football State Championship. One another addition from the football champs is Calvin Sullivan. I don't even think Coach Mcginley knows where the Tony McGinley, Gavin McGinley, and Calvin Sullivan are going to fall yet. They might actually have to wrestle-off for the weight they want. CHS is a week or two away from trying to get these guys down to weight. I am hopeful we get it close by the Traicoff, but it will most likely be after that before the line-up settles. At this point, Corsaro is 130. Great looking action in wrestling room/bus garage on 56th Street right now though.
  14. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Rankings Information

    At 103, Brian Harvey is at Cathedral. I don't know if I would have him that high either. He still has a lot to learn about the high school style. He is a nice addition to Cathedral's squad though. One less hole.
  15. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cashe over Eppert 10-4

    Quiroga's low single was sick. Eppert didn't see it coming in the slightest either time. Quiroga is a beast at 125. My bet is Eppert drops back to 119. I think he was trying to get a taste of 125. Let's see what Camden does with Brandon Wright this weekend at the Cathedral Invite. Those two should battle there at 125 also.

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