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  1. I wouldn't consider the first Harvey - Phillips match a domination by any means. The match was in contention until the final buzzer of Phillips' 4-3 victory among 30 second flurry to end the 3rd period. They will get to see each other again (when it counts) in the loaded New Castle Semi-State.
  2. North Central Invitational Round 1 North Central 53, Western Boone 19 Hamilton SE 45, Shelbyville 21 Cathedral 62, Union County 9 Greenfield-Central 38, Logansport 29 Round 2 North Central 43, Shelbyville 26 Hamilton SE 44, Western Boone 21 Cathedral 70, Logansport 9 Greenfield-Central 49, Union County 30 Round 3 North Central 45, Hamilton SE 23 Shelbyville 39, Western Boone 33 Cathedral 57, Greenfield-Central 9 Logansport 42, Union County 31 Round 4 Greenfield-Central 33, North Central 33 (GC won on second criterion) Cathedral 67, Hamilton SE9 Shelbyville 41, Union County 34 Logansport 45, Western Boone 22 Round 5 Cathedral 62, North Central 6 Greenfield-Central 40, Hamilton SE18 Logansport 44, Shelbyville 30 Union County 49, Western Boone 29 Cathedral lost 6 matches on the day (I think), the rest were forfeits. Charlie McGinley tweaked his shoulder at 119, so Coach McGinley rested him and forfeited 119 for the second half of the day. Phillips beats Harvey again 6-2. Duckworth by fall over Hofmeister.
  3. No matter how well any association is organized or participated in, it remains a futile effort for our sport with our state's athletic association. This site has run circles around the old site. Frankly, this site runs circles around the Indiana Gridiron Digest, which is widely acclaimed in the football community across the entire country. The fact remains that the IHSAA won't gratify any organized endeavors for a sport they view as secondary to their revenue stream like wrestling. I am sure Rex and the IHSWCA.com crowd lost a little hope with the constant neglect from the IHSAA for their organized efforts for basic and critical improvements to the overall health of the sport such as wrestlebacks in the tournament. For an outlet for this great sport, IndianaMat.com is about as good of a site as we could hope for. However, I do not think we should be critical of the effort of those in the Coaches Association because they have tried their best to progress wrestling in Indiana.
  4. I love that the Irish are looking up at Perry Meridian. Bring on the Falcons next week.
  5. Raley didn't make 119. He was in the bracket at 119 anyway before he scratched.
  6. Champs: 103 - Cody Phillips (Union County) easy over Mason Todd (PH) 112 - Kieffer (Roncalli) over Reitz; Roytek (cath) wrestlesback to 3rd 119 - Kieffer (Roncalli) over Charlie McGinley 9 - 4; Johns takes 3rd over Snider; Eschelman - 5th; J Logan 6th 125 - Wright (Cath) over Bkake Rueger (Reitz) 130 - John Grey (Cath) over Dickey (Roncalli) 135 - Centerville over Dekalb by fall (Don't know the names); Corsaro (Cath) was 3rd 140 - Tony McGinley by fall over Mt. vernon Posey 145 - Gavin McGinley by fall 152 - Sullivan (Cath)in a very tight win over Reitz's Ritter; Ritter hit a 4 point fireman's 20 seconds into the match and Sullivan fought back 160 - Matt Todd of PH, Tyler Willis (Cath) loses to him in the semis 5-2 171 - Duckworth of Union County over V. Hofmeister of Cath by fall 189 - Indian Creek kid; Garrity of HH was 3rd 215 - Aris Allen (Ft. Wayne North) by technical fall in the finals, I think it was TF, might have been a pin Left before heavy, but Roncalli had their heavy in the final.
  7. He passed much more than the look test today. His double leg was unstoppable. And, he seemed to have a good motor/in shape. Look out 215 pounders.
  8. A Connersville update: 103: Cody Phillips (Union County) was very impressive today. He pinned the #1 ranked Kuhn (E. Reitz) in the 2nd round and then beat Brian Harvey (Cathedral) in the quarter finals 4-3. 3 of the 4 ranked wrestlers were in the same quarterfinal bracket in the awful blind draw. Mason todd is alone in the top and advanced to the semis. 112: The two ranked 112 pounders, Kieffer (Roncalli) and Roytek (Cathedral) met in the 2nd round also. Kieffer wins 4-3. 119: Ethan Raley (Indian Creek) misses weight. Charlie McGinley (Cathedral) is on to the semis in the top bracket. Johns (Reitz), Eschelman (PHeights), and Kieffer (Roncalli) were in the bottom. I am fairly positive it is Johns vs. Kieffer in the lower semi-final. I think that Johns beat Eschelman in the quarters. 125: Brandon Wright (Cath) - easy 130: Johnny Grey - Looked like a world beater. Beat Austin Sheperd of Western 17-1. Will get Tyler Clark of South Dearborn tomorrow. 135: Corsaro (Cath) loses to a kid from Dekalb; wide open weight class. 140: Tony McGinley - easy 145: Gavin Mcginley - easy 152 - Calvin sullivan (Cathedral) had a good match with Trey Reese of Indian Creek (I think that was his name) winning 6-4 in the 2nd round. I think Holt of Pendleton Heights was alive in the other bracket. 160 - Tyler Willis (Cathedral) looked excellent today too with 2 technical falls and a pin. he will get Matt todd in the semis tomorrow. 171 - All Duckworth (Union County) 189 - Zac Garrity of Hamiton Heights 215 - One of the more impressive performances of the day came from Ft. Wayne North's Aris Allen. He is an absolute specimen getting 3 technical falls on the day including one over Cathedral's Jake Buchanan. Not sure where this young man came from, but if he stays in shape, he should be a state place winner with little doubt at Conseco. Heavy - Weak and wide open. North Central's Cuevas or roncalli's heavy looked to be strong. Evansville Reitz had a tough draw today and were not Top 3 after the second round. It didn't help their 103 pounder got beat early in the 2nd round for their momentum. Roncalli has a nice complete team. They should have champs at 112 and 119 in the Kieffer brothers. They might sneak another champ out somewhere (heavy, 160)? Pendleton Heights or Union County have the best shot at multiple champs in helping advance their place in the tournament, but i think Roncalli and Hamilton Heights might have the more complete teams from top to bottom. Cathedral has 8 into the semi-finals, but certainly not their best showing. I can see them with 5 champs and 2 runners-up. They wrestled 3 championship rounds back-to-back from 9am to 4pm. then they were blowing through all of the consolations to get caught up. They will be wrestling until 11:00pm tonight. I forgot the brackets at the Spartan Bowl, so I can't elaborate much better this evening. Best 3 wrestlers in my opinion today were: Cody Phillips (UC), Johnny Grey (Cath), and Aris Allen (FWN) in no particular order.
  9. Can someone with information on the championship round (main draw) breakdown please post them here? Day One wrestling usually starts at 9am. With 3 main draw rounds on Wednesday, how late will the quarterfinals start on Tuesday? Thanks for the insight for a travelling fan.
  10. Way to hijack my post, Samaj. Kidding. I forgot about the bureaucratic clown show that is the IHSAA. Sad. Most of the past champs in Cathedral's room were also spending their time mopping the mats and making sure the thermostat was officially set at 72 degrees. Maybe you can share what your past State Finalists do in your room over the holidays instead of wrestling . . .
  11. Anyone care to share what past wrestling rock stars from your school have been in the room over the Holiday break so far? Cathedral has had some champs back and I was curious what other programs have stars from past years sharing the love/beatdown.
  12. It certainly depends on the criteria of your category. If it is overall family wrestling wins, the McGinley's win it going away for the state. If it is any group of immediate brothers, they probably have two sets in the Top 10, if not top 5. The most current McGinley Top 5 win family is Brian McGinley's sons: Tom, Tim, Gavin, and Charlie. These guys are into the 400 win club and Charlie is only a freshman. I will try to round up the 80's McGinley's to see where their wins fall. The aformentioned Brian was one of 5 boys, I think, that had a Champ and a runner-up in the famly. Coach Sean McGinley was part of this sibling heritage. He was a runner-up. Joe McGinley was the champ in 1983 if memory serves. Plus, they are a bunch of drunk Irish catholics. We love the McGinleys in Cathedral Nation.
  13. Alright, so it is a slow day in Indianapolis today and the weather sucks. Here is a breakdown of the ranked folk by IndianaMat's standards at the Spartan Classic. It is certainly Cathedral's tournament to lose, but our good friend Dave Cloud and the Arabians seem to have the most ranked outside of the Irish. 103 - Brian Kuhn (E. Reitz - #1), Cody Phillips (Union County - #6), Brian Harvey (Cathedral - #11), and Mason Todd (Pendleton Heights - #13) 112 - Josh Kieffer (Roncalli - #4), Blake Roytek (Cathedral - #13) 119 - Alex John (E. Reitz - #2), Ethan Raley (Indian Creek #4), Justin Kieffer (Roncalli - #8), Justin Eschelman (Pendleton Hts. - #15) 125 - Brandon Wright (Cathedral - #3), Blake Rueger (E. Reitz - #12) 130 - Johnny Grey (Cathedral - #5) 135 - Dominic Corsaro (Cathedral - #9) 140 - Tony McGinley (Cathedral - #2) 145 - Gavin McGinley (Cathedral - #3) 152 - Calvin Sullivan (Cathedral - #4), Nick Holt (Pendleton Hts. - #9) 160 - Mason Todd (Pendleton Hts. - #3), Tyler Willis (Cathedral - #12) 171 - Michael Duckworth (Union County - #1) 189 - Zach Garrity (Hamilton Heights - #11), Aaron Stevenson (Indian Creek - #9) 215 - Jake Buchanan (Cathedral - #16) 285 - Alex White (Mt. Vernon - #4) not sure if this is Posey or Fortville, Ethan Cuevas (North Central - #13) Connersville does look a bit down this year to some year's past. 119 looks to be a pretty brutal weight class. And, 103 doesn't look a heck of a lot easier. Cathedral has 10 ranked wreslters, Pendleton Heights has 4, and Evansville reitz has 3, but rankings don't mean much. I had no data on Talawanda out of Ohio. They weren't incredibly strong last year, but you never know. I was also looking for a Shepard from Western. Are there really no Shepards on the Western squad this year? If so, it must be the first year in a couple decades. I also thought is was kind of depressing that there were only 4 ranked wrestlers coming out of the 7 "large" schools there (1427+ in population). A good couple days of wrestling are in store and some folks from the smaller schools will no doubt make a name for themselves for the first time.
  14. Stewart and Terry must have battled junior year then. Thanks for the correction.
  15. A few Cathedral classic battles: Lance Ellis vs. Paul Sullivan (Beech Grove) - Sullivan inched closer every time almost upending Lance at tech his senior year. I think it was 7 matches. Jason Terry vs. Marlin Stewart (Brebeuf) - Marlin only won once, but it was always a battle from sectional on I believe for 2 years. Stewart won it the next year after jason graduated. More than 10 mathces. Matt Hasbrook vs. Nick Hardwick (Lawrence North) Brandon Wright vs. Camden Eppert (Anderson Highland) - I think they are 3 - 3 now against each other Brian Funk vs. Jon McClain (Western Boone) - Connersville, Regional, Semi-State x 2 years.
  16. Ahh, the Connersville discussion. Yes. Cathedral loves competing at Connersville in the Spartan Bowl. Despite what anyone thinks, Connersville is arguably the 3rd toughest tournament in the state annually after Calumet's Traicoff, and the Al Smith. In the 80s and 90s, the teams at Connersville might have been a little deeper, but there is no debating that when you assemble 32 teams in one gym, the cream rises to the top and nothing is easy. Are there teams as deep as Cathedral there? Certainly. Evansville Reitz proved that last year. Every year there is a contender other than Cathedral. As to Cathedral bowing out for tougher competition at the North Montgomery Duals, probably not. Cathedral will wrestle or has wrestled 50% of those teams already this year: Highland, Warren, and North Mont we beat handily. We have Perry Meridian upcoming in an individual dual. So, Connersville affords us the chance to meet the Ethan Raley's of the world that we would not see until Conseco and gives us a different sampling of the state competition. Plus, Connersville gets us city slickers to the train capital of Indiana, lets us experience the best dive bar in Indiana (Mousie's), and the baked potato bar from heaven at one of the last Rax fast food restaurants in all of America. With Cathedral's annual football run, it takes until around Connersville for the team to really get in shape and let the weights work themselves out for the State Tournament Series. Will we see some further weight swapping of Cathedral's lineup? Hmmm, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, bring on Eastern Indiana for 2 great days of wrestling.
  17. I don't think there could be better drama or a State Finals memory than Lance Ellis' victory against Scott Wilson of Rushville in the 1989 final at 119lbs. All of Market Square was on its feet for at least five minutes taking pictures and cheering. Lance's wins were always polarizing. His final throw to lock up number 4 was a thing of beauty. I still get chills thinking about that. The back flip. Holding up 4 fingers on both hands with his tongue out. Great memories.
  18. Another great matchup will be Tyler Willis vs. Anthony Bill. John Grey as a #2 seed is funny. I didn't know Tech had Lovester, Storm and Dominique back. That is great for their program. Any of those boys have a shot at getting to Conseco if they get in shape. Good for ATHS.
  19. Wouldn't you like to know Realistically, I don't think Coach McGinley will know until as late at Friday. These young men will figure into the line-up this weekend from 160 - Heavy: Tyler Willis, Tom Stipp, Vince Hofmeister, Spencer Poling, David Page, Jake Buchanan, Wesley Stokes, one other football player heavyweight I forget. Willis is undersized for 160, but can't crack the lineup below 160. He is going to be special. Stipp is a grizzled veteran just missing Conseco last year. Jake Buchanan should be ranked at 215, but I don't know if he can get there by this weekend (Starting center for Irish Football). The rest are great athletes from the football team. CHS is probably still a week away from full strength, but there is no time for excuses. There is your teaser.
  20. Traditionally the Round Robin matches go off at or around 2pm CST/3 EST. If there are no upsets, Cathedral would wrestle off Crown Point first, Lawrence North vs. Mishawaka, I believe. I could stand to be corrected though.
  21. Damn, i think I just got the chills. What a smackdown this tournament is going to be. Staying "up" for 5 of these matches is insane.
  22. Do we have any confirmation on Reinoehl? Did he retain his eligibility? Heard some rumors that Penn and Mish have had a small pissing match over this kid. Anyone in the know, elaborate. If not, we will see in 5 short days. Gavin McG, Tony McG, and Cal Sullivan all weigh 145. Quite the quandry. We'll get it right. CHS's line-up is crazy right now. Trying to get our big guys down to weight too.
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