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  1. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Avon Sectional

    Where’s Snyder or Ayersman when you need a little “County” humility?
  2. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    State champion locks ...because the tournament is drawing near

    Sleeping on Zeke. It was a 7-4 loss in his 7th high school match ever to Moran....
  3. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    That is incorrect. Those are the 3 young men that beat us. 145: #3 Alex Mosconi loses to #1(D1) and #18 nationally Derek Glicher 7-1 to make the team score 8-9!☘️🤼‍♂️ 152: #2 Elliott Rodgers loses to #2(D1) and #7 nationally Kevon Davenport 6-2 to make the team score 8-12!☘️🤼‍♂️ 160: #2 Jordan Slivka loses to #1(D1) and #2 nationally Cameron Amine 7-4 to make the team score 8-15!☘️🤼‍♂️
  4. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    If you would have told me Mosconi, Rodgers, and Slivka would go down in the same dual this year, I would have kissed your arse. Wow. What a squad!
  5. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    113: #2 Zeke Seltzer defeats #2(D2) Nick Korhorn by fall in the 3rd period to make the final team score 34-34!☘️🤼‍♂️ After discussing criteria #1(D2) Lowell wins by 8th criteria, most first points scored. Cathedral moves to 2-1 on the day. DCC is up next.
  6. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    They agreed to wrestle Indiana weights for the tourney. Everyone gets pounds up north
  7. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    #7 Flo ranked Detroit Central Catholic (DCC) vs #38 Flo Ranked Indianapolis Cathedral wrestle this Saturday at DCC. DCC boasts hammers at 145, 152, and 160 with young lower weights. Very similar squads. Can the Irish hang with one of the country’s best?
  8. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    Pretty sure this is what happened.
  9. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Cathedral vs Perry LIVE!!! Tonight!!!

    I know it’s more work, but match-by-match scores are on Twitter @CHSswamp. Match started at 285. David Guhl bumps up to win at heavyweight 12-5 after getting tossed to his back twice in double overs!!
  10. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    37-19 Irish
  11. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Best matches (Jan 7 - Jan 12)

    Cathedral vs. Perry Meridian Tonight at 6pm at Cathedral. Should be some good ones. Warren vs. Mosconi at the minimum. If Fair is healthy, he'll square off against Rodgers. Always an electric dual of Northside vs. Southside.
  12. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Outstanding performance

    After seeing Boarman this weekend for the first time and Littell/Bettich the weekend before, he’ll be hard pressed to beat either of those two at 120. I think he’s a top talent, but not to their level. And though Lee beat Mosconi by 4 and Warren by one, I don’t think he is a lock like a Rooks or Garcia. I think EMD is Top 5, but with multiple podium winners, not multiple champs.
  13. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Outstanding performance

    Um, How about Brownsburg??? Taking out Perry Meridian w Sam Fair back, Cathedral, and Warren Central in one tournament?? One hell of a day. Congrats. 3A Mats: Cayden Rooks looked untouchable. Asa Garcia looked untouchable. Mater Dei looked young (maybe deflated) in the 3rd/4th dual, but super promising. Avon is incredibly improved, and not just with the addition of Brewer. Great to see Carmel back. Roncalli will be a force next season. The IHSAA finals are going to be insane. Two schools with 2 champs seems highly likely in Avon and Columbus East. Can anyone overcome that to beat them?
  14. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    3A Team State

    Are there pass-outs tomorrow?
  15. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    3A Team State

    Beep beep. I’ll remind all of you what EdP, Northside Indy, and Hamilton County deal with in spades: Vaginitis. Little Johnny doesn’t get a bloody nose perhaps in his whole life unless he wrestles. No bike or skateboard accidents....they’re in the basement playing Fortnight. They’re on the iPad getting an allowance to make their bed. The Carmel life is real and it’s an epidemic. I fight it daily with some youngster programs, but the struggle is real with these middle class kids. Kopnisky finally threw in the towel at Carmel. Most of the north side Indy schools are grinding to keep kids in the sport. Lacrosse, boys’ volleyball, and a slew of other sports are decimating wrestling. The CYO in Indianapolis has added 140 boys’ volleyball teams in competition with wrestling in the last 3 years. So, CoachP and many of us in Indy are marketing our asses off to preserve the sport. It might feel good for “The County” and the Indy County teams, but it is an assault to the sport. We’ll make it at Cathedral because we’ll find great, committed kids. However, I fear for the 75 kids in K-4 that end up prancing off to volleyball in 5th grade. Give me a violin, perhaps, but our sons are getting weaker. It pisses me off.

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