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  1. It’s hard to refute how good Brownsburg is. With the incredible work ethic and conditioning Coach Snyder infuses into the program and all the upper class leadership, it’s no wonder they don’t win an IHSAA title every single year. It is also really good to see programs like Mishawaka creep back into the Top20. When a high quality coach leaves town, it typically takes decades to replace. Glad to see the Cavemen competitive again.
  2. I’ll only indulge you because the two young men you are referencing above have completely different situations. To generalize them as equal is irresponsible. I do love how people always assume kids pursue Cathedral purely for athletics. Athletics is just a minuscule upside of the Cathedral experience. Stop by campus sometime and see for yourself.
  3. I assume you are referring to Cathedral’s 100% graduation rate and 99% college placement rate? If so, you’d be spot on. How are the graduation rates and college placement at your schools? If you want to improve your kid’s chances to prepare for or get into college, send them our way. The $15k tuition is quite a sacrifice, but they’ll be part of an amazing campus culture and most likely be a part of a winning extracurricular. The Cathedral Open House is tonight! Come check it out for yourself from 7-9pm. No invitation required. The Wrestling Center will be open with the rest of our facilities. Come one, come all!
  4. I knew you couldn’t lay off. The only “talk” on this site comes from #theCounty. I was just trying to help you with your 2019-2020 marketing. Good luck this season, coach.
  5. It’s just semantics really. Private Catholic is adequate. He could have said “Catholic School Sweep”. Either way, Cathedral has more than 70% of the student population from parochial Indianapolis Archdiocese schools, so call us what you want. The Indy CYO has been producing some great talent lately, so I’d look for our Catholic Indy schools to continue to contend.
  6. Not a chance. Crown Point or EMD are faves in my oracle. Littel injury will make it all interesting. Still think #theCounty will be dominant as usual. They have the best feeders and coaches in the state after all. Wish I lived on the west side of Indy so I could be surrounded by that wrestling brain trust.
  7. Anyone care to share thoughts on Indiana’s performance? We had a boatload of our best. Some surprising losses too.
  8. Damn. So, no dual state and no Traicoff. Hopefully, Al Smith?? Are they seceding to Illinois?
  9. And, barring Avon, Cathedral, or Warren making the IHSAA Football Finals, there will be some good early season match-ups on Dec. 7 at the Cathedral 6 Way between the 3 squads. Any O/U bets on how many of these guys get to Lucas Oil the previous weekend? Vegas line is 1.5. And the following weekend, Cathedral gets to see Crown Point at Calumet’s Traicoff on Dec 14.
  10. Indeed. You just gotta believe the front runners will come from The County with that strong lineage on the west side.
  11. Ahh, yeah. Plainfield probs. It was Donelson. Damn. Well, west side lineage is strong. Can’t wait to see what the County has up their sleeve.
  12. Seems like with the addition of Coach Smiley and their returning talent/incoming freshmen, they are solid across the board. Who will contend with the Bulldogs? PS. For those of you that don’t know Coach Smiley, he had one of the most stacked weight classes in the history of IHSAA weight classes circa ~2000. Eric Keith, Josh Baxter, and one other guy were all 40+ and 0 heading into the IHSAA Semifinals. Smiley got ‘em all. Future is bright for the Bulldogs.
  13. Yes, Culver is different. It is a virtual boarding school for the uber rich in most cases. Parents looking for structure for their kids away from the temptations of their everyday environment. They literally have students from all over the world there. They have one of the best hockey programs in the country; they have stables of horses and an equestrian program; they have crew and sailing teams. So, yes, not your run of the mill public or P/P school on the banks of Lake Maxinkuckee. I will say if you want to experience it or have your kid experience it, the 2 and 6 week summer camps are raved about. You don’t have to spend a year of Notre Dame tuition to be part of the experience like a regular student. And each Sunday afternoon in the summer they have an amazing military-style parade that much of Maxinkuckee residents come out to watch (or so they used to). As for wrestling, I would say it would be extremely hard to find many elite wrestling families that can afford that price tag. The rich and wrestling are rarely synonymous. So, there has to be a massive academic financial assistance plan if they are going to sustain anything.
  14. Bigger question is: Can a military school in the back hills of northern Indiana that charges $55k/year sustain a program with transfers from across the Midwest? I say no. Forget about the coaching. It’s more of an environment thing. Beautiful campus. Incredible international diversity. Just challenging to maintain at that price tag.
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