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  1. NickS


    1st South Dearborn 184 2nd East Central 173.5 3rd Greensburg 131 4th Batesville 123.5 5th Franklin County 109 6th Lawrenceburg 99 106 Gage Pace (FC) 113 Nathan Boggs (SD) 120 Brian Struewing (EC) 126 Phillip Orschell (FC) 132 Jake Salatin (EC) 138 Joel Chase (GR) 145 Max Dole (EC) 152 Andrew Utterback (SD) 160 Jimmy Shaw (SD) 170 K.C. Hedger (LA) 182 Layne Harnishfeger (FC) 195 Jarett Hooten (BA) 220 Ricky Brown (EC) 285 Nathan Hayes (GR) MVW K.C. Hedger Congratulations to South Dearborn for winning conference. Also major props to the Lawrenceburg staff for putting together a great tournament.
  2. Looks like BS and WC will face off at the North Montgomery duals.
  3. 1st round losers will wrestleback for 5th thru 8th places. Semi-finalists will go for 3rd and then there is the championship match. Just wanted to be clear on the format. It's gonna be a fun event. So if you're freed up on the 22nd, come on out!
  4. Took care of it. Also note the "others receiving votes" is in alphabetical order, not necessarily in voting order.
  5. These are this week's edition of the classed team rankings. What makes this edition special is that it will it be determining the seeding for our inaugural IHSWCA Team State event. I'd like to send a big thanks to all the coaches who put the time in to vote. As always, these rankings are based on dual strength. *teams involved in the IHSWCA Team State event. 3a 1. *Perry Meridian 2. *Bloomington South 3. *Franklin 4. *Penn 5. *Evansville Mater Dei 6. Crown Point 7. Warren Central 8. Portage 9. Merrillville 10. Hamilton SE others receiving votes: *Cathedral, *Center Grove, East Noble, *Elkhart Memorial, Fishers, Floyd Central, Lake Central, Mishawaka, New Palestine, Westfield 2a 1. *Yorktown 2. *Jimtown 3. *Evansville Memorial 4. North Montgomery 5. *Danville 6. *Heritage Hills 7. Leo 8. Jasper 9t. Belmont 9t. *Culver Academy others receiving votes: Benton Central, Hanover Central, *Muncie Southside, New Prairie, Peru, *Southmont, Twin Lakes 1a 1. *Adams Central 2. Fremont 3. *Churubusco 4. *South Adams 5. North White 6. North Miami 7. North Newton 8. Fountain Central 9. *Milan 10. *Prairie Heights others receiving votes: Alexandria, *Bremen, *Cass, Clinton Central, Paoli, *South Putnam, Southridge, Triton Central, Union County, Winchester Nick Strub
  6. I already told you what I was basing my information on. Thanks for your help.
  7. I'm basing my information off of the what I saw from the 2-class alignment figures on the IHSAA site. 146 2A boys schools to 145 1A boys schools. Obviously one more big school than small school. I figured the odd school went to the bigger class. I sent you these alignment figures over a month ago to review. You didn't have anything to say then. But I appreciate you mentioning something now. I'll look into it though and will make the necessary adjustments if needed.
  8. Where do you base your information off of? I'd like to check it out.
  9. hmm I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. According to the information I'm working with, there are 314 teams that have wrestling. In a 3-class system, that makes for 105 3a, 105 2a, and 104 1a teams. Mater Dei, who's being ranked as a 3a team, has moved Cascade to being considered the 210th biggest wrestling school--which is right at that line that differentiates a 2a team from a 1a team. John Marshall is now the largest 1a school with an enrollment of 529.
  11. *exhaling* Cool! I anticipate you guys will do great. (Provided you guys don't ignore or evade one another when you address eachother.. haha)
  12. Busco is correct. The voting ballots from all the classes are to be sent in by Wednesday at noon.
  13. A couple that I know of. Warren Central 45 Cathedral 14 Portage 40 Merrillville 24 Any others???
  14. IHSWCA Team State is just a couple weeks away and the coaches rankings will be the determining criteria for seeding for this event. These are what the current 3a team rankings look like: 1. Perry Meridian 2. Mater Dei 3. Cathedral 4. Merrillville 5. Crown Point 6. Penn 7. Bloomington South 8. Franklin 9. Warren Central 10. Hamilton SE Rankings will be updated next week. So if anyone has any results they feel could have an impact from the past 2 weeks. Please feel free share them here.
  15. EC wins team championship going 5-0 EC 78 Muncie Central 0 EC 61 Elwood 15 EC 54 Winchester 18 EC 33 Pendleton Hts 30 EC 60 Beech Grove 20 Individual weight winners include Brian Struewing, Jake Salatin, Devin Mitts, and Ricky Brown.
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