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Everything posted by wrestler60160

  1. And I was the first real poster!
  2. What would the bracket look like right now?
  3. Rumor has it Matt has taken the Head Coaching position at Perry. Good luck Matt!
  4. I cant wait to hear how the seeding meetings go at the Capital City and County. Good luck Coach!
  5. I just feel in Chico's last two years, 106-0, found ways to win the close matches. That's why I gave him the nod!
  6. South of I-70 must stink at wrestling. ...lol Congrats to all the winners. Well deserved!
  7. Winfield beats Streck 2013. Bernard pins Streck 2014 and Chico beats all three in my opinion! But Wesley and Chico I think would be a good one.
  8. What a great tournament. Has quietly wrestled his way to the Finals. Great job kid. Go out with a FLASH! (Pun intended)
  9. THanks. My eyesight isn't what it use to be.
  10. Something like Beast of the east would be a good one for a couple of our Top (Club) wink, wink Teams to compete in. And travel guidelines shouldn't be an issue because it reads that the swimmers went to Washington for one of their meets.
  11. I can name a couple of tournaments some of our top teams/individuals would like to compete in during the season.
  12. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2015/02/06/best-in-us-hisotry-carmel-girls-swim-team-making-a-case/22798153/ If you read into this. Indiana allows Swimming to compete in (2) Club tournaments during the High School season.
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