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  1. Notable Matchups From Plymouth Super Duals... 120- Drew Hughes- Lowell fall Trent Ballentine- Mish 126- Drew Hughes- Lowell fall Kegan Kern- Peru 138- Tommy Forte- Mish dec. Evan Loe- Peru 145- Tristan Macri- Mish dec. Mitch Roadruck- Lowell 4-3 152- Alex Mavros- Lowell dec. Braxton Simpson- Peru 160- Kenny Hughes- Lowell maj dec. Chase Hack- SB Riley 13-2 195- Ryan Patterson- Lowell dec. Braxton Eby- Mish 5-4 195- Dominique Avila- SB Riley fall Ryan Patterson- Lowell
  2. The college coaches as well as the tougher competition will be at FLO. They use college out of bounds rules and I'm fairly certain riding time as well, so it's a good barometer for college coaches. It's becoming the premiere high school folkstyle national tournament.
  3. As I've watched the Indiana HS State Tourney each year since 1996, and the NCAA's each year since 2007, I've noticed an inordinate amount of left-handed finalists and champions. The population of lefty's is only like one in every ten, but when you watch high level wrestling, that proportion becomes much much higher, much closer to 50% of the finalists at both of these tourneys some years. Probably no way of gathering this data, but interesting observation nonetheless.
  4. Comments, questions, concerns can be posted below, or sent via private message, or emailed to rankingsguy@hotmail.com
  5. The New Rankings will have a couple new #1 wrestlers and we need their Pictures for the Rankings Page. We need Pictures Of Conner Mullins 152, Kirk Johnson 160, Mitch Sliga 195 and Kaden Suter 285 if you v=can email the to y2 @ joe@indianamat.com Thanks for the Help
  6. really it was a toss up with Hall losing in OT last year to meyer friday night and having wins over Harvey(State Champ) He got the 1 spot I'm sure both guys will be in Indy in Feb
  7. awesome discussion being generated so far... join the party Follow rankings_guy
  8. Anyone with any insight on this would be appreciated, it seems as of there was some funny business in the scoring of freestyle state..
  9. Y2 is correct, not sure where u got that from DemoGuy
  10. New weight classes... Register for a Twitter account and follow Rankings_Guy
  11. just tweeted my projected top ranked guy at each weight class to begin next year as we head into the summer...
  12. for all you twitter followers out there, you can now follow Rankings_Guy on Twitter and keep up to date on rankings info, tournament thoughts, etc. throughout the year..
  13. Last I checked, Illinois is doing pretty well in freestyle.. Winning Junior Duals all these years in a row plus all the titles in Fargo..
  14. I've heard that Vega's first move as Head Coach of Portage HS was to hire Hobart's 2x State Champ Eric Galka.. Nice staff shaping up at Portage..
  15. Illinois is much more lenient on the amount of bashing they allow on their site. And they don't have nearly as many people that take offense to comments about coaches and wrestlers that aren't 100% positive
  16. Since I have nothing to do with any of the team rankings, and only concentrate on the individual weight classes, this argument could not concern me any less.
  17. Z, I always put disagreements with certain posters aside when constructing the rankings, and I think my work reflects that.. What is the scenario which you believe that you did not receive a fair shake?
  18. Howe had access to top flight coaches and training partners at the Overtime School of Wrestling in Naperville, IL.. He is a product of that environment, and is the exception to the typical rural Indiana outcome.
  19. C'mon man, you know I'm always gonna tell it like it is.. How much D1 talent has Madison, Indiana ever produced in wrestling? Would Bubba J have developed the way he did had he stayed in Madison? Can you honestly say that my statement is not accurate?
  20. I personally have no problem with the celebration.. You could tell there was a lot of built up hatred between Bubba and Cael and it was awesome to see it end the way it did as a Bubba fan.. It's good for the sport to have a character who is celebrating, hitting cement mixers and superducks, and posting celebratory YouTube videos sipping Hennessy out of his "National Champ Cup"... As a Bubba J fan, I'm just glad that he got the hell out of Madison, Indiana, because I have a hard time believing that with an average high school coach at a rural Indiana High School, he goes on to have one fractio
  21. Really would have liked to see the Roach vs. Edwin Cooper matchup at 145... Unfortunate that Roach is choosing not to attend.
  22. I'm personally expecting Northwestern to be the choice for him when the time comes...
  23. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but he's wrestling for the Irish next year...
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