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  1. Could also see AC winning the Fort Wayne Semi-State next year IF everyone stays healthy.. possibly 3 champs and 2 qualifiers.
  2. You think Duke eventually tops the podium? If so what weight?
  3. Hopefully I wasn’t the source of motivation, that would be foolish. By the way You forgot the asterisk..
  4. Can’t wait to see the picture.. clearly time on the clock
  5. Dull earned his way last year... didn’t have to take any “easy ways out”.
  6. When will the points for Regional be added in? No Rush, just curious!
  7. Regional that has most champs, Any Predictions!? Jay County has some Hammers at the lower weights! Would think very possible at 113, 120,126,132,152, 160?, 170,182, 195
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