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  1. It won’t devalue a state champ. When you listen to the announcer at the ncaa they say he was a state champion, not he won a state championship at the small school level. Iowa and Indiana both have 6,000 male participants, and Iowa has class 1,2,3 as one class then they have by there self 4, 5, and 6 state champion. I watch Brownsburg almost have year round wrestling. Tri-west hasn’t won a dual in over 10 years. We continue to watch the larger programs winning. EMD, Brownsburg, Indianapolis Cathedral, P.M. Warren Central and other catholic teams. I lump EMD and other catholic schools in because
  2. I have enjoyed wrestling for years, but when are we going to get at least a 3 class system for state finals. We also need to have some sort of a wrestle back system. Other states have had these rules for years. The Iowa participants are within 100 people and they have a 4 class wrestling. I know Indiana doesn’t put as much effort into wrestling. The poor sportsmanship in boy basketball and football is getting worse. We have schools helping their, football and basketball athletes stay eligible with poor grades. Wrestlers have some of the highest grade point averages of any school sport. Also i
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