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  1. Alrighty then. Let’s debate. No way a team wins the title without an individual champ. And, though Snyder’s guys are deep, I can’t say they have a lock with Cottey dropping to 113. So, I’ll pick from the teams that have a lock and depth: Crown Point, Cathedral, Chesterton, Think I’m leaning on Chesterton as they have the closest to two locks in Lemley and Bates. I wouldn’t put Brownsburg in the Top 4.
  2. Is this the last ranking before the tourney?
  3. I’ll again defer to the progressive stance of the IHSAA for football and continue along that thought process. They allowed 2 tickets per participant. Though they were outside venues, the venues were still smaller than both semi-state and state venues for wrestling minus Lucas Oil and perhaps a 6A stadium. So, my math says 16 wrestlers X 14 weights plus two coaches each is still under 1000 attendees. Throw in referees, table help, trainers, perhaps even concessions, and you have around 1500 per tourney venue. Looks like the two biggest non-coliseums in Indiana are East Chicago and New
  4. I’d throw Kyrel’s Leavell in this discussion as well. Carmel forfeited him, but pins over Keaton Morton (Perry) and Reed Egli (EMD) were damn impressive for a freshman in two high stakes duals. He has to be in the discussion for sleeper champ at 113.
  5. Not a chance they allow football and not wrestling. They allowed 7k in tickets to Lucas Oil per class. 67,000 in The Luke with a little more than 12%. If Bankers does 13%, we’ll at least get the parents in to the 17,000 seat stadium. Thinking 2000-3000k loved ones. AlI I know is IHSAA is effing killing the non-fear game. Couldnt be more proud of their efforts.
  6. Two things: 1. wild to see New Castle as a 2A school. 2.Idiotic that Columbus School Corp let’s their team travel to Hamilton County yesterday, but not Johnson County 3 days later. Bureaucrats suck.
  7. Thought Coach Brewer was an Avon family. I guess I understand the Brownsburg plug. Would have been interesting to see Center Grove in that 8 seed. If everyone from Avon transfers to Brownburg, is it still #thecountyclub?
  8. Alright, let’s discuss. I think you start with the locks for a title. In no exact order: Miller, Seltzer, Mendez, Bates, and perhaps Jujuan. So, BBurg, Cathedral, CP, Chesterton, and Warren. Then, you pick the next most probable champ from those schools. I think the two best chances for a title are Dickey (CHS) and Lemley (Chesterton). Special mention fo Estrada/Goodwin/Cruz, Pierson/Ross, and Jones/Montgomery. Then the 3rd tier of potential finalist for the above: Chesterton’s Ellis, Cathedral’s Wilson, and pick one of the Crown Point tweeners of Goodwin/Roberson/Goin/Cruz
  9. Yeah, I get the points. Was just wondering if team ranking go chalk from rankings to probable point values for placement. Or, is there any other thought process or opinion that goes into them outside of individual rankings?
  10. So do these team rankings apply points associated w individual rankings and estimated placement?
  11. In CP-PM, Koontz bumped all the way to 152 and won arguably the match of the day against Estrada. Tied 3-3 late in the 3rd, Koontz hit his headlock for a late fall. Def one of the major reasons CP lost that dual. CP forfeited Cottey. Frazier bumped and got a fall at 126.
  12. What is attendance situation? Parents only?
  13. CHS left points on the board at 70,82,220,126. Also, Gonzalez doesnt lose to Roberson like that without marching orders. Podium kid.
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