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  1. What an incredible honor. The award for him. For us, just being able to watch him wrestle and to call him our (Indiana's) own.
  2. Indiana wrestling getting stronger and stronger. The respect will follow.
  3. Really don't like calling out schools, but this kid is getting screwed on this deal. Luckily he is such a stud that I believe he will get the last laugh.
  4. Really looking forward to seeing him wrestle this year.
  5. I still believe there needs to be a weight class between 215 and 285. Maybe 248 - 250
  6. Coached against both young ladies. They are outstanding representatives of our sport and state!!!
  7. It's been fun watching his success. Great young man and family.
  8. So proud of Indiana Wresting this past Thurs - Saturday. It's going to get even better with the talent we will continue sending to the next levels.
  9. Good Luck Jace! Thank you for your service to the USA!!!
  10. My point is that I was coaching at a school that needed the multi sport kids just to fill a roster. Most of the kids did not wrestle as their fist sport. We all understood that going in. When I did get the 1 or 2 kids that "Got It", I would take them to the area clubs to get the training that they required to get to the level that they wanted. And, they were successful at reaching the state level.
  11. You don't win state championships, or even qualify for state, based on your school size. You do it with the hard off season work that happens in RTC's and finding the best competition to wrestle. Bigger schools have an advantage because they are in more rural areas. If a kid, and their parents, want to put in the effort, it can happen. It takes more effort, but they are wrestlers.
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