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  1. Another great write up. Always appreciate your time and insight. Thank you.
  2. Little guys are first on 2/17 @ 11:00 am. Gates open @ 10
  3. There will Definitely be two sessions on Friday. I believe that this is going to be the new standard.
  4. I agree. Let the kids/parents decide. We don't know which potential state qualifiers there are. Might be their first exposure to the sport.
  5. Logan Sponseller. Young, but state champ at freestyle, schoolboy, and runner up at Greco. From Fairfield.
  6. Jesse has done his off season wrestling against D1 wrestlers and held his own as a high schooler.
  7. Finally someone calls him out. I have personally seen that he is not good for the future of our young men. Does not prepare men to be GREAT husbands, fathers, and outstanding members of our communities.
  8. Love this kid. I feel he has never received the respect he deserves.
  9. Mike was one of the classiest guys you'd meet. Prayers for the whole family.
  10. Always appreciate the time, effort, and insight that you put into these writeups.
  11. I love the idea. The problem is that all of the other school's are going to do it. Iowa, Ohio State, etc.
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