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  1. Leighton Jones of brownsburg loses in the finals???
  2. Peyton Asbury over Cooper Noehre
  3. i beg to differ.. montgomery has wrestled ben dalton back to back weekends and won both of those matches and lost a close match to ray rioux in the semi state championship while who has roberson wrestled these last 3 weeks..?
  4. i don’t believe he beat elijah anthony, you must be mistaken... although he did revenge his loss to hooper who beat him at least 2 times maybe even 3
  5. These draws are the worst i have ever seen i don’t know if anyone else agrees..
  6. Going to go with just champs 106- Bryce Lowery 113- Alex Cottey (gets revenge) 120- Zeke Seltzer 126- Brayden Lowery 132- Matthew Koontz 138- Logan Bailey 145- Alec Viduya 152- Brice Coleman 160- Cooper Noehre 170- Tyler Wagoner 182- Aiden Warren 195- JD Farrell 220- Drew Webster 285- Andrew Irick
  7. What i heard was that he couldn’t make the lineup so he quit to compete at a “national” level.
  8. Let’s hear who you got punching their ticket
  9. Let’s hear who you got punching their ticket
  10. 106 Logan Miller Elijah Brooks Logan Bickel Michael LaRocca 113 Cheaney Schoeff Braden Haines Nik Baugh Maleec Stansberry 120 Jacob Bechert Chase Carrington Gavin Garcia Isaiah Pugh 126 Raymond Rioux Kysen Montgomery Ben Dalton Jayden Lowhorn 132 Hayden Watson Tyler Conley Conner Alcala Ethan Jeffery 138 Drake Campbell Landon Boe Jude Barger Colton Roberts
  11. not a chance that happens again keys has looked great all year...
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