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  1. Indianapolis Cathedral Irish All Star Team (one guy once) 106 Jason Terry (5,1,5,1) HM: Logan Bailey (X,3,X,2) 113 Brandon Wright (2,1,2,1) 120 Lance Ellis (1,1,1,1) HM: Zeke Seltzer (2,1) 126 Cameron Sakon (X,6,7,1) HM: Johnny Grey State Runner up 132 Breyden Bailey (3,3,3,1) HM: Sean Mcginley state Runner up 138 Zach Melloh (4,X,3,2) Eric Sakon (x,x,6,1) 145 Jordan Slivka (3,5,1,1) HM: Alex Mosconi (Q,7,2,2) 152 Elliott Rodgers (4,2,1,3) HM: Marcus Young (X,X,7,
  2. State tournament Rodgers >> hard to bet against. Rodgers is 2-1 in the semi finals and Dickens is 0-2. Who has won the big one. Rodgers Noehre Dickens Levitz In that Order
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