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  1. Ha. I try to stay out of the business of making comments. In this situation, I had to chime in. It's frustrating. I'll change my profile school when I get a chance, but this may very well be my last post anyway. LOL.
  2. I sure hope this isn't true. Waiver? How can you get a waiver to overrule an IHSAA rule that every wrestler needs to abide by? I again hope this isn't true, but it seems some coaches at the seeding meeting have already confirmed it on the forum. It's like Hornet Coach said, Coaches work hard and work hard for their wrestlers to follow the rules. Our 106 pounder and many others only weigh between 90 & 100 lbs. Of all weights to allow a waiver, it shouldn't happen at 106. It shouldn't happen at any weight class but especially 106. Unacceptable.
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