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  1. D.J. Radnovich For those who were around, what was he like as a wrestler? I hear and see his name mentioned a lot but never got the chance to see him.
  2. Has there ever been a time in our state where we’ve had two wrestlers who were BOTH number one despite obvious rankings purposes making them 1 and 2? I feel like the closest would be Chad Red vs. Nick Lee. It’s a rare occurrence in sports and entertainment, but it does happen from time to time and it’s typically the established guy who’s been on top versus the guy who’s hot right then and there to be the top guy. In Basketball, you’ve seen it with LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry/Kevin Durant; in football, Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady or Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes; in professional wrestling, Steve Austin vs. The Rock; in freestyle wrestling, Abdulrashid Sadulaev vs. Kyle Snyder or Jordan Burroughs vs. Kyle Dake; in collegiate wrestling, Kyle Dake vs. David Taylor… You get the point. Who has that been for Indiana, if ever?
  3. Who wins in a Best of 3 series? 106 - Jake Hockaday vs. Colton Cummings 113 - Alex Cottey vs. Jarred Brooks 120 - Kyrel Leavell vs. Deondre Wilson 126 - Stevan Micic vs. Josh Harper 132 - Zeke Seltzer vs. Nick Lee 138 - Devon Jackson vs. Alex Tsirtsis Catchweight 140 - Jesse Mendez vs. Jason Tsirtsis 145 - Matt Lee vs. Cody LeCount 152 - Brayton Lee vs. Joe Lee 160 - J Conway vs. Jordan Slivka 170 - Brody Baumann vs. Drew Hughes 182 - Drake Buchanan vs. Blake Rypel 195 - Gabe Sollars vs. Silas Allred 220 - Christian Carroll vs. Mason Parris 285 - Shawn Streck vs. Chico Adams
  4. One of the greatest matches in recent memory and a CERTIFIED BANGER! It's a shame a full crowd didn't get a chance to see that one. Was there for it live and dem boyz THREW DAHN!!!!! Clocked an immediate 4.75/5 star rating (Generational Performance) from me. Brody Baumann's lat drop at the end was the cherry on top and solidified him as one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. One of the best state finals and overall wrestling matches I've ever seen. So fun with so many back and forth momentum swings. Dem boyz took us back to the Attitude Era with that one! Just going out there to bang!!!!
  5. Random fantasy match-up I'd been thinking about. Haven't been here in awhile. Marion County All-Stars 2010s 106: Alex Cottey (Perry Meridian) 113: Zeke Seltzer (Cathedral) 120: Deondre Wilson (Warren Central) 126: Breyden Bailey (Cathedral) 132: Jared McKinley (Perry Meridian) 138: Brandon James (Perry Meridian), Tommy Cash (Lawrence North), Zach Melloh (Cathedral) 145: Cody LeCount (Perry Meridian) 152: Elliott Rodgers (Cathedral), Trent Pruitt (Warren Central) 160: Brian Harvey (Cathedral) 170: Dylan Lydy (Ben Davis), Noah Warren (Perry Meridian) 182: Blake Rypel (Cathedral) 195: Tristen Tonte (Warren Central/Perry Meridian), Katrell Moss (Warren Central) 220: Courvoisier Morrow (Warren Central), Dylan Faulkenburg (Cardinal Ritter) 285: Donte Winfield (Perry Meridian), Wesley Bernard (Cathedral) Evansville Mater Dei 106: Alec Freeman 113: Greg Schaefer 120: Kevin Head 126: Craig Macke, Scott Schaefer 132: Nick Lee 138: Blake Boarman 145: Matt Lee, Craig Weinzapfel 152: Matt Coughlin, Joe Lee, Dustin Nosko 160: Brody Baumann, Sam Wildeman, Eli Dickens 170: Blake Maurer 182: Gabe Sollars 195: Dane Maurer 220: Nathan Critchfield 285: Bill Trainer, Justin VanWinkle ...I'm not going to lie, as a Marion County guy, I'd be worried about this dual from just about start to finish. Heavyweight is the only weight I'd feel comfortable funny enough. Cottey has taken down Freeman in real life, but it was always close. Never saw Coach Schaefer wrestle, but from what I've been told, it was nasty, but Zeke is an absolute buzzsaw. Didn't see Kevin Head, but witnessed Deondre Wilson in real time, so I'll give the nod to the champ. Bailey versus Macke or Schaefer I'm sure would be gold considering Bailey's funkiness and supreme top game as compared to the scrappiness I've heard about the others. 132 would be a spectacle. 138, although Boarman is a champ, Brandon James, while not unstoppable, was the closest thing to it when he was on; Cash, a two-time champ with an unpredictable style, and Melloh is tough as nails, but Boarman is still a state champion who gave Jesse Mendez his closest battle in Indiana maybe in his entire career aside from Seltzer. 145, I have to give the nod to LeCount. Dude could adjust to anyone and was supreme in every position. 152, I don't see how EMD loses any of those match-ups, same with 160. 170 goes to the four-time champion. 182 I'll give Rypel, two-time champion and Super 32 champion. 195, I'll give slight edge to Marion County as Moss is a champion and Tonte is a three-time runner-up between two schools. 220 is Critchfield all day. Heavyweight, it's hard to bet against Winfield or Bernard. Lots of toss-up matches, but the ones EMD wins, I'm sure come with bonus because boy can them boys down south rack 'em up. All love to the homies in Vanderburgh County. Nothing but respect for the Wildcat program.
  6. Drop ‘em here. We always hear about the champions, but I want to learn more about some of Indiana’s best teams and what they were like at the time. Brownsburg ‘22 – Most points scored by a runner-up team ever and lost to Crown Point in a dual by a single point. Even down a key wrestler, they still managed to push nine through with eight medalists and a champion. Chesterton ‘21 – Runners-up with SEVEN Semi-State champions and multiple nationally-ranked wrestlers. Perry Meridian ‘21 – Most points scored by a third place team with nine qualifiers and six semi-finalists led by two-time state champion Alex Cottey. Warren Central ‘20 – Seven state qualifiers and another regional championship for the Warriors. Warren Central ‘19 – State Duals runners-up with fourteen Semi-State qualifiers. Brownsburg ‘18 – Runners-up with a controversial finish at 138 lbs that essentially lost them the race. An undefeated and nationally-ranked dual team, this Brayton Lee-led squad was the real deal. Perry Meridian ‘18 – A nationally-ranked squad led by senior state champion Noah Warren. The team had two losses (both to Brownsburg) and finished fifth in the team race at Bankers Life that year. Perry Meridian ‘17 – A top-ranked team heading into the postseason. This squad avenged their lone loss to Brownsburg on their Senior Night and broke the top ten at Bankers Life. Evansville Mater Dei ‘15 – Undefeated as a dual team and Semi-State champions. Finished third at Bankers Life with a champion in sophomore Nick Lee. Perry Meridian ‘15 – A one-loss dual team who also were ranked at the top of the IndianaMat Power Poll with eleven ranked wrestlers. Despite their nightmarish Semi-State meltdown, the team still managed to finish seventh at Bankers Life the next weekend. Franklin Community ‘14 – An undefeated dual team who knocked off the reigning Perry Meridian 27-26 in a wild dual at Team State. The Grizzly Cubs finished the season as Runners-Up at Bankers Life with two champions and four medalists total. Perry Meridian ‘14 – A nationally-ranked defending state championship squad who despite their shocking loss to Franklin managed to lead the team race with only three medalists the entire day at Bankers Life, ultimately finishing fourth with a champion in Cody LeCount.
  7. I wish I had been present that day to watch. I saw the highlights on Flo of Ty Mills’ pin and Brayton Lee’s overtime takedown. I can only imagine the atmosphere inside of Brownsburg that day.
  8. It's hard to narrow down, but I'll give a solid few. IHSWCA Team State Duals (2015) | Highlight(s): Evansville Mater Dei vs. Perry Meridian, Perry Meridian vs. Penn The third ever IHSWCA Team State Duals headed to Muncie for the first time, leaving its old grounds at Westfield, and the best the state had to offer in three classes were set to do battle. In Class 3A in particular, it was a three-team race between top-ranked Perry Meridian, second-ranked Evansville Mater Dei, and third-ranked Penn. After pool play had finished, Perry Meridian and Penn went to war in an all-time classic dual meet that swayed in momentum from start to finish. Complete with upsets, surprises, and one of the most incredible comeback sequences ever, Perry Meridian was able to escape Penn by the skin of their teeth, winning 33-32 on the sixth criteria for which team had the most bonus points which was ultimately decided on Brandon James' technical fall. With a Falcon victory, the two most storied programs of the 21st century in Indiana collided in a showdown of epic proportion when the Nick Lee-led Wildcats took on the Brandon James-led Falcons. The Wildcats took the lead early, but the ever-resilient Falcons kept finding a way to sway the momentum until the gas ran out. The Wildcats narrowly won 31-27, upsetting the top-ranked Falcons to earn their first IHSWCA Team State Dual Championship after finishing runner-up the year prior. Al Smith Classic Wrestling Invitational (2018) | Highlight(s): Jesse Mendez vs. Hunter Watts, Brayden Littell vs. Riley Bettich Something was in the air at Mishawaka that day. Everyone was competing at an extremely high level. The finals matches were a treat to behold, though. Matt Gimson vs. Geremia Brooks, Alex Mosconi vs. Aiden Warren, Jordan Slivka vs. Brooks Davis, and Nick South vs. Joe Walker were all phenomenal, but the two matches of the tournament were Brayden Littell vs. Riley Bettich and Jesse Mendez vs. Hunter Watts. With the former, we saw two elite grapplers go toe-to-toe in an overtime thriller that was won by Littell's high mat IQ, and in the latter we saw the birth of a legend in a freshman Jesse Mendez effectively controlling a returning state champion in Watts, an elite competitor in his own right. IHSAA Semi-State Championship at New Castle (2014) | Highlight(s): Brandon James vs. Deondre Wilson Perry Meridian's stranglehold on the state had been broken a month prior as the Falcons suffered their first defeat in over three years at the IHSWCA Team State Duals to the Bob Hasseman-led Grizzly Cubs of Franklin Community. That didn't discourage Coach Jim Tonte, however, as he put his Falcons in position to reclaim their place on the top of the mountain after winning their regional a week prior, but what stood in the way was a stubborn Cathedral team looking to win their first state championship in program history, and with no better way to make a statement, the Fighting Irish wanted to make a statement to the rest of Indiana at New Castle. Although, the Falcons qualified more wrestlers, Cathedral walked away with more champions led by top-ranked Wes Bernard at heavyweight, thus winning by a narrow 3½ point margin over Perry Meridian, 117.5-114.0, and had placed themselves in position to capture the gold next weekend at Bankers Life. The New Castle Fieldhouse was no short of great matches either, headlined by a Deondre Wilson and Brandon James rematch from the prior weekend in the 132-pound championship that saw Wilson prevail in an ultimate tiebreaker thriller. IHSAA Regional Championship at Mooresville (2022) | Highlight(s): Logan Miller vs. Reese Courtney, Gunner Henry vs. Drake Buchanan This year's state tournament series was unforgettable. The always brutal and unforgiving Mooresville regional didn't disappoint either and started out the gate hot with a ranked match-up between Martinsville's Trevor Hott and Brownsburg's Braiden Haines. Brownsburg, who took the title in dominant fashion, had some great finals match-ups with runner-up Center Grove, including the 120-pound and 182-pound championship contests. Logan Miller, in his final career victory, found a way to upend Center Grove's Reese Courtney in overtime with a beautiful surfboard that saw him take the crown with a 7-2 decision. The 182-pound match and this year's match of the year saw the arrival of Gunner Henry. The Brownsburg freshman was able to be the first and only wrestler all season to knock off the top-ranked Trojan and returning state runner-up in Drake Buchanan. A carefully wrestled match-up that told a great story, Henry was able to smell blood as the bout progressed and Buchanan waned, eventually pulling off the upset in spectacular fashion that sent Mooresville up to the point the event could be measured on the Richter scale.
  9. I have not played Tecmo Bowl, but you know what? It sounds interesting lol And on the games, they do these packs for Ultimate Team. Not set by region or era, just at random. You build your own based on who’s card is available. It’s kind of unique. I just try to bring these ideas to the board.
  10. I think some of you misunderstood the concept, which shows my age lol. This is an ultimate team like they do in the Madden NFL or NBA 2K video games. You pick who you would want for your team. This is not an all-time team.
  11. Not an all-time team. It’s your ultimate team. This is just who I would pick for mine.
  12. What does your ultimate team look like? Coach: Jim Tonte - IHSWCA Hall of Fame, 5× State Champion, 6× State Runner-Up 106: Stevan Micic '12 - State Champion, Ranked in the nation 113: Jarred Brooks '12 - State Champion, Super 32 Champion, Ranked #1 in the nation 120: Zeke Seltzer '20 - State Champion, Ranked #5 in the nation 126: Chad Red '15 - State Champion, Super 32 Champion, Cadet Freestyle National Champion, Ranked #1 in the nation 132: Nick Lee '15 - State Champion, Cadet Freestyle National Champion, Ranked #5 in the nation 138: Jesse Mendez '22 - State Champion, Junior World Team Member, Junior Hodge Trophy, Ranked #2 P4P in the nation 145: Cody LeCount '14 - State Champion, Ranked #8 in the nation 152: Brayton Lee '18 - State Champion, Junior Freestyle National Champion, Ranked #2 in the nation 160: Drew Hughes '15 - State Champion, Ranked #9 in the nation 170: Nick South '19 - State Champion, Super 32 Finalist, Ranked #4 in the nation 182: Blake Rypel '16 - State Champion, Super 32 Champion, Ranked #2 in the nation 195: Lucas Davison '18 - State Champion, Junior Freestyle National Champion, Junior Greco National Champion, Super 32 Finalist, Ranked #2 in the nation 220: Mason Parris '18 - State Champion, FloNationals Champion, Junior Freestyle Nationals 3rd, Ranked #2 in the nation 285: Chico Adams '08 - State Champion, Ranked in the nation Team goes undefeated and might break every record possible.
  13. Burroughs asked on Twitter who the oldest person was competing in the NCAA tournament, and many people said Logan Massa, but it has to be Micic right? He's been in college for eight years. 2014-15: Freshman 2015-16: Redshirt Freshman 2016-17: Redshirt Freshman 2017-18: Redshirt Sophomore 2018-19: Redshirt Junior 2019-20: Redshirt Junior 2019-20: Redshirt Senior 2020-21: Redshirt Senior
  14. Chad was a success story in my opinion. Like all have previously mentioned, college wrestling is hard and the Big Ten is even harder. As a five year starter for Nebraska, Chad was a 3-time NCAA All-American and named an NWCA All-American in 2020. With the wealth of knowledge he gained over time in the sport, the people he got to work with, and the success he achieved in his collegiate career, that's something many people strive for. Alex Tsirtsis, like Chad, was an undefeated four-time state champion who went on to wrestle in the Big Ten for Iowa and was only an All-American once, placing seventh. So, for Chad to make the podium three times in his career despite his struggles, shows how built he was for the grind of the Big Ten.
  15. No set criteria on being “notable.” It was just the schools I thought of in that area that people would recognize. Failed to mention Bellmont, but they would obviously be participating. Just slipped my mind.
  16. I meant to put Madison Consolidated and put Madison-Grant. Turrrrible mistake.
  17. That would be me, and thank you. I earned Big Nate's respect that day. So much, that he messaged me my senior year wishing me good luck and offering advice for state. He's a cool guy.
  18. I was bored once again and put together a concept based on the current NCAA Division I tournament format. Not saying this is how it should be, just an idea. IHSAA Wrestling Championships February 17-18, 2023 Gainbridge Fieldhouse Indianapolis, Indiana Qualification · Ten regional sites with different qualifier allocations based on the weight score of the regional. A stronger regional earns more qualifiers while a weaker one has less. · 32 wrestlers will qualify in total, doubling the original state field with the elimination of the sectional and semi-state championship tournament stages. Regions · Northwest · Northern · Northeast · Mid-Northern · Mideast · Central · Mid-South · Southwest · Southern · Southeast Northwest Regional · Notable Schools: Calumet, Chesterton, Crown Point, Griffith, Lake Central, Merrillville Munster, Portage · Weight Score: 9 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 6 out of 32 Northern · Notable Schools: Bremen, Culver, Mishawaka, Mishawaka Marian, Northridge, Penn, South Bend Clay, South Bend Riley, South Bend Washington, Warsaw · Weight Score: 5 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 3 out of 32 Northeast · Notable Schools: Adams Central, Bellmont, Carroll, Churubusco, Columbia City, East Noble, Fort Wayne Snider, Garrett, New Haven, Prairie Heights, South Adams · Weight Score: 6 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 3 out of 32 Mid-Northern · Notable Schools: Frankfort, Harrison (West Lafayette), Lafayette Jefferson, Lebanon, McCutcheon, North Montgomery, Rochester, Twin Lakes, West Lafayette, Winamac, Zionsville · Weight Score: 3 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 1 out of 32 Mideast · Notable Schools: Delta, Hamilton Heights, Kokomo, Monroe Central, Muncie Central, New Castle, Richmond, Tipton, Western, Winchester, Yorktown · Weight Score: 5 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 2 out of 32 Central · Notable Schools: Avon, Beech Grove, Ben Davis, Brownsburg, Carmel, Cathedral, Franklin Central, Lawrence North, Perry Meridian, Roncalli, Warren Central, Westfield · Weight Score: 10 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 7 out of 32 Mid-South · Notable Schools: Bloomington North, Bloomington South, Center Grove, Columbus East, Edgewood, Franklin Community, Indian Creek, Martinsville, Mooresville · Weight Score: 8 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 4 out of 32 Southwest · Notable Schools: Castle, Evansville Central, Evansville F.J. Reitz, Evansville Mater Dei, Evansville Reitz Memorial · Weight Score: 8 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 4 out of 32 Southern · Notable Schools: Bedford North Lawrence, Corydon Central, Jeffersonville, Madison Consolidated, Seymour · Weight Score: 1 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 1 out of 32 Southeast · Notable Schools: Connersville, East Central, Lawrenceburg, Milan, New Albany, South Dearborn, Union County · Weight Score: 2 out of 10 · Qualifier Allocations: 1 out of 32
  19. Trawick was ranked #19 in the country that season, and as noted Shawn and Oglesby were ranked top ten. From what I’ve been told, Trawick and I had one of the best heavyweight ticket round matches in NC. He was a stud and from what I saw on film: Fireworks.
  20. Questions Has there ever been a team state champion without them winning semi-state and regional? Has there been an individual state champion who didn’t win sectional, regional, and semi-state? Has there ever been a losing record state champion (individual or team)?
  21. It's wild to see that three years in a row, Griffith owned the 130 lbs weight class.
  22. National #1 Chad Red (New Palestine), 2016 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #2 Nick Lee (Evansville Mater Dei), 2015 State Champion and 2016 State Runner-Up at 132 lbs. National #2 Jesse Mendez (Crown Point), 2020 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #4 Jared McKinley (Perry Meridian), 2012 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #4 Zeke Seltzer (Cathedral), 2022 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #4 Breyden Bailey (Cathedral), 2017 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #8 Cody LeCount (Perry Meridian), 2013 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #17 Deondre Wilson (Warren Central), 2014 State Champion at 132 lbs. National #19 Asa Garcia (Avon), 2019 State Champion at 132 lbs. Nationally-ranked Blake Maurer (Evansville Mater Dei), 2001 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Alex Tsirtsis (Griffith), 2002 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Andrae Hernandez (Griffith), 2003 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Angel Escobedo (Griffith), 2004 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Reece Humphrey (Lawrence North), 2005 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Eric Galka (Hobart), 2007 State Champion at 130 lbs. Nationally-ranked Neal Molloy (Danville), 2011 State Champion at 130 lbs.
  23. Winners are in bold Feud of the Year Kyrel Leavell vs. Toby Billerman Cheaney Schoeff vs. Brady Ison Gabe Sollars vs. John Purdy Drake Buchanan vs. Gunner Henry Jesse Mendez vs. Cole Solomey Match of the Year Gunner Henry vs. Drake Buchanan 2/5 MOORESVILLE Jesse Mendez vs. Zeke Seltzer 1/8 BROWNSBURG J Conway vs. Cody Goodwin 2/19 INDIANAPOLIS Toby Billerman vs. Kyrel Leavell 2/12 NEW CASTLE Jake Hockaday vs. Gavin Jendreas 1/8 BROWNSBURG Logan Miller vs. Reese Courtney 2/5 MOORESVILLE Jacob Johnson vs. Nate Johnson 1/29 MOORESVILLE Dillon Tuttle vs. Luke Gonzalez 2/18 INDIANAPOLIS Elijah Anthony vs. Brady Ison 2/18 INDIANAPOLIS Jake Hockaday vs. Gavin Jendreas 2/19 INDIANAPOLIS Rookie of the Year Jake Hockaday Gunner Henry De’Alcapon Veazy Isaiah Schaefer Devin Kendrex Most Improved Marshall Fishback Joey Buttler Luke Rioux Paul Clark Hosia Smith Most Improved (Team) Center Grove East Central New Prairie Rochester Roncalli North Most Valuable Wrestler Jesse Mendez Christian Carroll Logan Frazier Sammy Goin Marshall Fishback South Most Valuable Wrestler Zeke Seltzer Brody Baumann Gabe Sollars J Conway Kyrel Leavell Best Major Wrestling Event (Regular Season) 2022 IHSWCA Team State Duals 2021 Evansville Mater Dei Holiday Classic 2021 Al Smith Classic 2021 Marion County Championship 2021 Lake Central Harvest Classic Best Signature Wrestling Maneuver Nathan Critchfield – Chicken Wing Jared Dunn – Pinch Headlock Christian Carroll – Cement Mixer Leighton Jones – Blast Snatch Single Zeke Seltzer – Underhook Snatch Single Most Charismatic Gabe Sollars Everyone else
  24. Marion County All-Stars 106: Nathan Smith (Southport) 113: Evan Dickey (Cathedral) 120: Kyrel Leavell (Warren Central)/Toby Billerman (Perry Meridian) 126: Keaton Morton (Perry Meridian) 132: Zeke Seltzer (Cathedral) 138: Bryce Lowery (Roncalli) 145: Matthew Koontz (Perry Meridian) 152: Tyler Jones (Warren Central) 160: Zach Huckaby (Perry Meridian) 170: AJ Cashman (Warren Central) 182: Luke Hansen (Roncalli) 195: Aataveon Jordan (Franklin Central) 220: Jackson Weingart (Cathedral) 285: Hosia Smith (Cathedral) Johnson County All-Stars 106: Charlie LaRocca (Center Grove) 113: Jackson Heaston (Indian Creek) 120: Reese Courtney (Center Grove) 126: Joey Buttler (Whiteland) 132: Wyatt Krejsa (Center Grove) 138: Silas Stits (Center Grove) 145: Hayden Watson (Center Grove) 152: André Merritt (Center Grove) 160: Julian Weems (Center Grove) 170: Noah Clouser (Center Grove) 182: Drake Buchanan (Center Grove) 195: Sam Allen (Whiteland) 220: Royce Deckard (Center Grove) 285: Jacob Johnson (Franklin Community) South All-Stars 106: Isaiah Schaefer (EMD) 113: Evan Seng (EMD) 120: Lane Gilbert (Sullivan) 126: KT Nelson (Castle) 132: Eli Brooks (Whiteland) 138: Ashton Hayhurst (Castle) 145: Nate Lommock (Terre Haute South) 152: Delaney Ruhlman (Bloomington South) 160: J Conway (Floyd Central) 170: Brody Baumann (EMD) 182: Wyatt Willman (North Posey) 195: Gabe Sollars (EMD) 220: Nate Critchfield (EMD) 285: Ashton Hartwell (Columbus East)
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