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  1. So will MD still win the SIAC with a mostly JV team?
  2. Who does Reitz have at 220?
  3. I believe North Posey won’t be at the classic this year.
  4. Was told Nate is 195#s by people in the program
  5. I'm not paying for the suite, just a ticket but thanks for your insight uncle jimmy.
  6. Any insight on how to get cheaper beer in the suite's? I want to say last year the beer cost over $100 a case.
  7. Happe and McDonald would have been 95 and they wrestled 185
  8. I know Willman and Stewart @220 have split this year, but what about Robinson and Stewart? How close have those matches been?
  9. Any idea who the favorites would be?
  10. Was a good spirited match between county rivals. Several very good matches
  11. All from the same conference, North Posey had a big day.
  12. North Posey had a young man a couple years ago named Cody Martin who was 6’8” and wrestled 220 as a senior and might have been 195 as a junior.
  13. Nate is now a 2X Holiday Classic Champ and also had a big win over Will Stewart of South Spencer (#3 @220) earlier this year at the PAC duals.
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