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  1. The East Central Trojans will head to price hill to battle the Elder Panthers in a dual tonight. Last year's dual took place in EC's PAC on stage and turned out to be a great night. Unfortunately we are not able to pack the gym at Elder this year but Elder does offer a free stream for those who are interested. www.ehsports.com The Varisty match starts at 7pm. Should be some good matches at 120, 126 and 138.
  2. Thank you for this information. WOW. I figured most states would have the wrestlebacks but basically what this tells me is every state that has a state tournament has wrestlebacks except for Indiana. So we are different and the powers that be like being different. I am sure that they also know that we are the only state to not have wrestlebacks. So taking this argument to them will probably fall short. At this point, maybe we could take a baby step and allow wrestlebacks similar to the state tournament. At least then it will allow wrestlebacks from the quarters.
  3. I actual think having one class bodes more for the overall point of having wrestlebacks. It is tougher to make it to state as is with having all the kids from all the schools in the same class. They also do not need to add more qualifiers, keep it at 4. Adding wrestlebacks at the semi state would make the State Tournament more competitive IMO.
  4. Thanks for this. So 3 times it was proposed and they didn't even entertain the topic? I would at least think that it would be discussed. I am not saying if everyone else is doing something to do it, but I believe most states have wrestle backs. Let's think for a second that NCAA National Championship was ran this way. People would be up in arms. It would never happen.
  5. I currently live in Indiana but lived most of my life in Ohio. I wrestled in Ohio and attended the state wrestling tournament there for 20 consecutive years. This year, I attended the IHSAA post season Semi State at New Castle for the first time ever. Was my first post season event ever attended for Indiana High School Wrestling. My first experience was almost entirely positive. I can tell you the perception in Ohio is that Indiana Wrestling is not as competitive. I personally had this belief as well. I do not anymore. I don’t know if New Castle is that much more competitive from the o
  6. Great turnout. Place was packed and loud. Great wrestling, the match was back and forth. East Central High School with many people helping put on a one of a kind show. Being around and involved with the sport my entire life I can honestly say that this was the coolest thing I have witnessed. Probably best overall sporting event I have witnessed. Thanks to all who came out or watched online. EC won the dual as mentioned above in the final match but the big winner tonight was the sport of wrestling. Results as follows: 160: Thomas maj dec Carr 13-3 E 4 C 0 170: Weber lost dec Rullm
  7. We are anticipating a packed house in the Performing Arts Center. Enter through door #15. Would also recommend showing up a little early. Varsity starts at 7pm immediately following the JV at 6.
  8. https://www.eaglecountryonline.com/news/local-sports/ec-elder-will-wrestle-under-bright-lights-of-ec-performing-arts-center/ Nice write up on the dual.
  9. On Friday January 24th, Elder High School from Cincinnati Ohio will travel to East Central High School to dual the Trojans under the lights in the Performing Arts Center. This dual is FREE ADMISSION FOR ALL. It will take place on stage in a one of kind dual match. Elder has a strong team and East Central has set a school record this year for dual wins. They are 33-0 in dual's. Although things can change, here is the potential match ups for the dual: 106# Elder: Drew Magness (so.) ranked #11 in Ohio EC: Dylan Lengerich (Fr.) Record of 30-3 113# Eld
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