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  1. Please help me with my goal. Over 15 time iswa champ , multiple time all American. Just looking to help these inner city kids of Indianapolis. Too many shootings here. And kids with nothing positive to look forward to. I've got location figured out just looking for a school with an old mat they haven't pulled out in years to message me and say I'd love to help you. If anybody with any information please. Thanks wrestling family.
  2. Hello my name is Andre Richards, I am in the process of getting a location together to start teaching indianapolis inner city kids basics of wrestling, will be having the IPS schools passing fliers soon when location is secure, will be needing donations of basic items singlets, head gear, and shoes. Dont have to be pretty at all. Also any schools with old beat up mats they could get rid of please message me at 3175291188, or email at richardsfamily215@gmail.com. thank you wrestling family. Looking to getting these kids away from stealing and guns to snap downs and head locks. Please
  3. I personally think talent has been dropping past 10 years. 103 - Stevan Micic 10 Hanover Central (47-0) . 113 – Jarred Brooks 12 Warsaw (35-0) 120 – Paul Petrov 12 Hanover Central (47-0) 126 – Kyle Ayersman 12 Lake Central (52-0) 132 – Jared McKinley 12 Perry Meridian (48-1) 138 – Devon Jackson 12 Yorktown (52-0) 145 – Jason Tsirtsis 12 Crown Point (42-0) 152 – Isaiah Bradley 11 Muncie Southside (44-0) 160 – Brian Harvey 12 Indianapolis Cathedral (47-0) 170 – Sean Mappes 12 Center Grove (46-0) 182 – Tanner Lynde 12 Delphi (52-0) 195 – Mitch Sliga 11 Fishers (49-0) 220 – Tyler Kral 12 Crow
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