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  1. We had a team drop out and are looking for one team for December 14 at Princeton Community High School. This is the last year that this tournament will be held, since the Big 8 schools are merging with the Pocket Athletic Conference. If interested feel free to get ahold of myself at jbarclay@ngsc.k12.in.us or our AD, jengelbrecht@ngsc.k12.in.us
  2. We have a dual for that December time frame. We still have one more point so if someone would like to get in a dual in January feel free to get a hold of me. We are looking to have a full varsity team this year or close to a full team and would like to dual someone else with a full team. jbarclay@ngsc.k12.in.us
  3. Princeton Community is looking to host a dual or tri-meet in December. This dual would be our senior night. I have a senior that has enlisted in the Marines and is leaving early January before our normal senior night. If anyone is interested or questions you can contact myself at jbarclay@ngsc.k12.in.us or our ad at jengelbrecht@ngsc.k12.in.us Thanks, Jake Barclay Princeton Community High School Head Wrestling Coach
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