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  1. This event has been officially scheduled. There is still a spot open for any team that would like to send any JV or first year wrestlers.
  2. Princeton Community High School is looking to host a JV/First year wrestler tournament 11/21. Our aim is to get all JV and First year wrestlers experience as soon as possible. Wrestlers will get 3-5 matches. We have three schools interested (Princeton, North Posey, Gibson Southern) and are looking to have 2 or 3 more schools join. If you are interested please me Head Coach Jake Barclay at jbarclay@ngsc.k12.in.us
  3. Princeton Community High School is looking for a winter break tournament either 12/26/20 or 1/2/21. Would like to see if there are any openings for 1/9/21. If anyone has an opening please email head coach Jake Barclay at jbarclay@ngsc.k12.in.us or AD Jason Engelbrecht at jengelbrecht@ngsc.k12.in.us Thank you
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