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  1. Hello! I am also a student at Ball State and have been looking for people to start a wrestling club as well. I was a manager in high school and was hoping I would be able to help the club somehow because I really enjoyed it. My brother is also a senior in high school and is interested in participating in a wrestling club at Ball State next year too. I saw your sign hanging in Noyer yesterday, but realized that I missed the callout. Because I was a wrestling manager, I worked heavily with the MatBoss scoring and recording system, and actually ended up being one of two people awarded with a scholarship from the Matboss creators. With this scholarship, I got to talk to a few of the head people of the program and they told me that if anyone at Ball State was ever interested in starting a wrestling program here, that they would gladly do what they could to help us get it going. If you would like me to contact them about helping getting the program developed, or if you would like me to help in any way then let me know!
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