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  1. Eminence High School is looking for a head coach. 1a school located in Morgan County, 3rd year program, GIAC athletic conference. Will have approximately 8-10 wrestlers next year. Contact Principal Brian Burelison, bburelison@eminence.k12.in.us if you are interested.
  2. Hello All, As you may have heard, Cascade Wrestling lost a great wrestler and even better young man this week due to a sudden illness. The whole community but especially the team are devastated. As his former coach, I can tell you all is a major loss. As the state does when a specific coach or player passes away, leaving the outside lights on stadiums is a loving tribute. As wrestlers, we know we don't get the spotlight nor necessarily want it. Therefore I would like to propose that each wrestling team pay a similar tribute but in true wrestling fashion. When we leave the mat for that last time, we leave our shoes on the mat. I would love to see as many teams pay solid tribute to Kadeo Lewis by placing a pair of shoes on the mat for at least 48 hours and posting a picture of support for the family on the following facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kadeos.krew
  3. Eminence Community Schools (1a school located in Morgan County) is beginning a brand new wrestling program for the first time in school history. The AD is a former wrestling coach and the new coach will have full athletic support. We are looking for someone interested in building a brand new program. A mat has already been purchased and a wrestling room is being renovated. Students have been on a new strength and conditioning regiment this school year, a new weight room/wrestling/cardio room is being renovated, schedule is currently being built, tons of athlete interest from students and the community, the school is joining an athletic conference next year, and AD is currently having open practices in future preparation. Please contact and send resumes to bburelison@eminence.k12.in.us if intereted.
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