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  1. All I gotta say is idk how I'm not in the talk for most improved
  2. Are we supposed to get an email or letter?
  3. Is it the top 2 seniors in every weight class?
  4. First off I was behind him with my whole arm around his back and he had 1 hand on the ground for a moment which is 2. Even tho he had his arm around my head I was still behind him with control. Second off even if I didn't get that takedown. I still would have won because I road him out the whole 3rd period.
  5. I think it's because the sectional/regional isn't as strong compared to the rest. Plus he has to get past Winland in the ticket round who is very solid and #2 in the semi-state.
  6. The real question is can anyone beat me and Jesse in spikeball
  7. Last year the brackets came out on sunday night I'm pretty sure
  8. Brackets are up some interesting match-ups first round
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