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  1. CpDinger


    Noah Hollendonner
  2. Brackets are up some interesting match-ups first round
  3. #9 Noah Hollendonner over #5 Peyton Asbury: 5-3
  4. Respectively no. Cp tremendously out ranks Warren in most of the weight classes and so does brownsburg. I mean Cp beat a nationally ranked team.
  5. No offense to anyone but the finals are looking like it's gonna be mostly Cp vs Brownsburg. Lots of great matches and maybe get @ontherise219 To live stream it
  6. 160 is messed up should be 160: #2 Bradley Gillum(Dekalb) over Noah Hollendonner(Cp) Dec 5-3 (34-28)
  7. Their 120 pounder dislocated his shoulder the match before and had no one to put in.
  8. We are gonna go crazy this year count on that
  9. I'm the 152 from crown point(Noah Hollendonner) or (dinger) and looking to do tons of work this off season. Let me know if you have any open spots
  10. Can't wait for you to talk about 152 and hear your thoughts
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