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    back2mat reacted to Galagore in An idea to help grow the sport   
    One thing that has always struck me as counter-productive is bracketed tournaments at the youth and middle school levels. The best wrestlers get to wrestle the most matches, and the kids who are still learning/struggling get a couple and are done. Wouldn't it be better for the health of the sport to run all of these youth and middle school tournaments round-robin style? That way everyone gets a good amount of mat time, and the kids who are (currently) the weakest get a chance at a competitive match against each other. I suppose wrestling 8-man brackets to 8 places could accomplish the same thing. Nothing feeds the fire quite like some success and feeling good about at least one match you've wrestled during the day - even if it's one you don't actually win.
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    back2mat reacted to redcobra in Jordan Burroughs Camp in Indy   
    Jordan sets the price because he alone can.   Will be packed.
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    back2mat reacted to Cody LeCount in Carmel RTC   
    Sorry for late notice, but Carmel RTC will be shut down now. 
    Thanks to all who came and all the great clinicians we had over the last several weeks!
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    back2mat reacted to tskin in Let's shake things up--new rules ideas   
    No time limit.  First Headlock wins.
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    back2mat got a reaction from Matthew Nelson in Let's shake things up--new rules ideas   
    Too many folkstyle matches end up being 1 minute of excitement and 5 minutes of the top man controlling the bottom man. If I was the wrestling czar...
    Push out points (I'll stretch the reach of my czar powers) Reset to neutral from top/bottom position if no scoring after 30 consecutive seconds. If top man scores back points reset the 30 second clock.  This way you add urgency and excitement to every top/bottom position, eliminate the staleness of when the top man holds down the bottom man for extended periods of time without scoring, and maintain the spirit of the folkstyle. As an added bonus, this increases the value of a takedown assuming that you can hold down your opponent for 30 seconds. Obviously, this would be a major change for the sport. I don't expect it to happen any time soon. But if it did, I think that folkstyle wrestling would be a much more enjoyable sport to watch and participate in.
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    back2mat reacted to grappleapple in The 2019 top semistate was...   
    It always interests me to see how the semistates stack up to one another. This might have already been covered, but I didn't see it. Here's my breakdown. Each 1st place finisher gets 8 points, 2nd gets 7 and on down to 8th place (8th place earning a point).
    Evansville claims this year's top honor. They had a whopping seven champions, four 2nds, four 3rds, five 5ths, four 6ths, two 7ths and four 8ths  for a total of 173 points.
    New Castle comes in second with three champions, five 2nds, six 3rds, four 4ths, two 5ths, three 6ths, five 7ths and three 8ths. They had a total of 145 points.
    East Chicago is third with 114 total points. They had four champs, four 2nds, two 3rds, two 4ths, four 5ths, four 6ths, one 7th and two 8ths.
    New Haven (Ft. Wayne) finished with 72 points. No champions, one 2nd, two 3rds, three 4ths, 5ths and 6ths, six 7ths and five 8ths.
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    back2mat got a reaction from Faithcoach in AJ Poindexter hard work pays off   
    Worth noting that Lafayette Harrison's other State qualifier, Will Crider, got 5th in last year's Sectionals as a Sophomore. He got 3rd in Semi-State this year!
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    back2mat reacted to ontherise219 in AJ Poindexter hard work pays off   
    Before the season I was talking with my logansport regional guru @Wrestling Scholar And we discussed how much wrestling AJ had did this summer and how he had solid results. AJ was 6th at the Lafayette jeff sectional as a sophomore and worked his butt off. Saturday he was in the finals at east Chicago that is an amazing turn around. For everyone that is not wrestling next weekend remember keep grinding and improving, hard work will pay off. Great Job AJ and keep it rolling 
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