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  1. Saturday was the first time I've seen Silas wrestle and I must WOW that boy was a joy to watch and I look forward to seeing him at the next level. So as a fan I'd say THANK YOU!!!!
  2. I would like to shout out to JORDAN FAULKS of boonville for his 4th place finish that ties a school record for placement at state. That kid lost an opening semi-state last year and dedicated his whole year to the sport is wrestling and it paid off. I can say he was ranked 5th and honestly he was the 5th best over all but no matter what some trolls have said through the year about his lack of compatition or what has been said about his coaches . That kid showed HUGE improvement from last year and us fans expect the experience to push him farther next year.
  3. I was amazed at the close matches in some of the finals where couple of guys were up late and then get passive and give up takedowns or just points and lose in the waining moments. You gotta stay regressive you gotta keep that rythem. But I will say this year's so very competitive for the most part .
  4. Bet it was even louder the next year when Bethal pinned Joe Lee . I believe that was a sectiona so Lee still ended up as champ. Crazy to know a guy pinned Braytton Lee and Joe Lee but never advanced at state.
  5. From IHSAA record books there were more pre 1984 but I guess format was different
  6. I copy and pasted off IHSAA record book website I can only go by what they have on record
  7. I wrestled in the big8 back when G.S was a part of it and seeing him in 96 thinking I need to see his birth certificate cause he was GIANORMOUS like his ears had muscle it . I watched him tight waist a guy with one atm while standing it was crazy
  8. That's NUTS so if someone could some how beat him it would be MAJOR upset wouldn't it.
  9. Pinned All Opponents in State Finals [First year for four-round tournament was 1984] 4 by James Dickerson, New Castle [Hwt], 1995 4 by D.J. Radnovich, Gibson Southern [215], 1998 4 by Trey Reese, Indian Creek [215], 2011 4 by Shawn Streck, Merrillville [285], 2015 4 by Mason Parris, Lawrenceburg [220], 2018 3 by Sam Lamb, Evansville Bosse [132],
  10. DJ Radnovich finished '98 47-0 with 46 pins REDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!
  11. Evansville area has had great HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLERS but when talking the greatest WRESTLER To me what they do in college counts for a lot more then high school.. Other then Lee and Conghlin (questionable spelling) I don't know if any that have been ALL AMERICAN in college . If there is more I welcome the knowledge.
  12. Potential second round 195 alrad vs Kemper
  13. The way he performed there was no reason to say he lost at regionals .
  14. I knew he was great in high school but once he went after Red that's when I knew he had that quality it takes to be GREAT at the next level but now he's PROVING IT!!!!!!!
  15. Sure hope he gets that TITLE this year he deserves it.
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