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  1. So other then fulks-boonville Please explain how the others are upsets . SOS has nothing to do with showing up to wrestle when the pressure is on. That's called CONFIDENCE.
  2. That is a school record for boonville for semi-state participants,as well as regional participants and duel wins in a season. Great year for that young team.
  3. They are building a good program up there.
  4. When they seed for the sectional they go by record again LIKE OPPONENT not by overall record . That's just facts
  5. So boonville has the best season they have ever had . And all you guys wanna do is brag about a team that's been doing it for decades. Maybe you should give theses young kids the respect they deserve for such a great year. But heaven for bid a MD fan EVER shows another team respect.
  6. Im not in the know on who beat who but they do have like opponents but ANYTHY can happen in this sport upsets happen every year so. That is the extent of my argument on the matter.
  7. Maybe this boonville argument would go better if all you MD homers compared the like opponents. Would make a more compelling argument.
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