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  1. Don't know much about it at all, other than after security was called my husband did see one guy (not a wrestler) take off up the stairs and another guy (also not a wrestler) follow, but not sure if they were involved or not. There was another guy (not a wrestler) that came from that direction and a coach was talking to him and appeared to be trying to calm him down, but not sure if that was related or not. So basically not much, other than a match was still going on and it was disrespectful to those 2 boys because people started running around while their match was going on. A lot of focus seemed to be directed toward what was going on in the tunnel than out on the floor.
  2. It's unfortunate that the fight happened, but especially as a match was still going on. Completely disrespectful to those 2 wrestlers.
  3. I agree, very well organized. We had decided that if it was at NC again this year, we would’ve skipped. It was nice to know which mat your wrestler would be on and when. Guest WiFi was also nice since we were on Track all day. Plenty of room to sit. Only complaint I have is that the table worker on our mat missed starting the clock a few times and keeping the score updated as she could be seen texting on her phone.
  4. Gabe Phillips - 138 25-0 - Centerville HS
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