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  1. Jake Combs from Hagerstown is going to wrestle 195 for them.
  2. Jake Combs (182) in his second year of wrestling wins a Richmond Regional Championship in come from behind fashion winning 4-3 over Kole Viel from East Central.
  3. Jake was forced to wrestle up at 182 in Sectional last season because the week he had gained his qualifying 170# weight in mid-December they said he had lost too much weight. Then all his other recorded 170# weights were actually 171# or 172# because it was after the first of the year. So they ruled he never was at the 170# weight to be able to wrestle that in the tournament. It was frustrating but he dealt with it and ended up qualifying for SS at 182. But my question is if they are that particular about kids losing too much weight too quickly (which I understand they do because of safety) how can these kids be eligible to wrestle at the weights they attained by using the suits? Idk the specifics and I’m not a wrestling guru but I’d think if they are forced to forfeit all the matches affected then their weights for those matches would not count either.
  4. Kid from Lutheran. Don’t want to make excuses but Jake was banged up from football early on in the season. Sprained MCL in the knee and messed up shoulder. The kids that beat him wrestled well though.
  5. Congrats to Trizton! He is the best 182 Jake has wrestled thus far this year! Good luck to him the rest of the year! Btw Jake won the 182# TEC conference tournament last night to improve to 30-4 on the year! Coffman beat Calderon 6-0 in the 170 final.
  6. Im sure. Probably to try and get other guys some match time in a dual meet. Who knows. Jake wrestled up at 195 a couple times this year when one of our bigger guys was injured.
  7. I thought you had been doing 170 a lot. But wasn’t sure. Good luck Alfredo.
  8. Jake Combs should wrestle Calderon Friday for the Wayne County title if Calderon wrestles 182. He (Calderon) has been bouncing between 170 and 182 all year.
  9. This is Jake’s dad. Thanks for the advice and kind words. We definitely knew going into the match yesterday Trizton was wrestling as well as anyone in 182 in Indiana. He is a great wrestler! And Jake was excited for the opportunity but probably let his emotions get the best of him and got off his game a bit during the match. Anton (Jake’s coach) had a talk with him after the match and it was a great learning experience for him hopefully come tourney time. He is still pretty new to wrestling and matches like the one with Trizton will just make him better in the long run. Good luck to you guys the rest of the way and hopefully we will see you guys again in Indy in February.
  10. Combs vs. Carson in 182 finals.
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