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Everything posted by PhillyFanMD

  1. That make 6 total MD wrestlers in the Big Ten
  2. Seng, Freeman, and Baumann were once on JV team. MD always recharges
  3. Boarman has beaten in his career last night champs Kysen Montgomery, Logan Wagner, and J Conway. Food for thought.
  4. Definitely on the Mt Rushmore of all time great MD Wildcats
  5. Was hoping MD would bring back the retro tights for this special occasion
  6. The Trophy is back in the Westside Great year Mater Dei Wildcats
  7. Isaiah Schaefer His dad is the Coach
  8. And they did it without a Lee We are MD!
  9. You have have seen students driving BMW and Mercedes at your school but never such a thing Mater Dei
  10. I went to EMD and both my parents made a combined $27,000. 85% of the kids there were just good ole west side, St Phillip's, and St Wendell middle class people. Maybe 5% of the kid there were filthy rich
  11. Jason Greer, Kelvin Jackson, Gil Journey, Derrick Robinson, and James Brimm used to use Wildcats as rag dolls!
  12. Just imagine the fear for past 40 years of drawing into a Mater Dei wrestler? Draws are draws. You win some and lose some
  13. Dunno if this is significant but MD JV devoured Avon Varsity What happened to the Orioles?
  14. I live about a hour away from the RAC and will make the 65 mile drive to NJ
  15. Agreed! If the IHSAA is holding back your child feel free to move to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They will get all the exposure on their backs they can handle.
  16. The 92 Lawrence North did have 4 state champs but that was all. The 03 Wildcats had 4 champs, a runner up, 2 3rds, and 5th. Correct me if I'm wrong
  17. They need younger referees who can get into position quicker and start calling back points. There were multiple incidences during state finals weekend where wrestlers had their opponents on their backs and the refs were too told and out of shape to get into position and start swiping for back points. Some were pinned for 5 seconds+ because the ref was still standing up and not in position to call the pin. Many many incidences
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