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  1. Someone please provide the name of the official officiating this
  2. Man that tournament Avon was in this past weekend had to be one of the hardest in nation! #t h e c o u n t y
  3. A few standpoints here: Aiden Warren has beat the #1 ranked wrestler at both 138 & 145 (What significant wins does Lee have?) so I for sure disagree on 145. Haggerty kept a fairly close match with DP two times. No way he’s getting pinned. As for your team state ranks you threw out, that is some funny stuff PM has a minimum of 4 wrestlers that are missing in the lineup due to eligibility. Due to this, PM obviously isn’t going to compete at their best whenever they have holes waiting to be filled. keep on sleeping zzzzz
  4. Gonna have to disagree on that. Warren and Lee will be a pretty good match but he’s definitely not getting majored.
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