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  1. Haha
    The Irish Knuckle got a reaction from backtothemat in Mat side weigh ins   
    I perfer the after match weigh in like Jockey's in horse racing.  You weigh over your weight class you are DQ'ed.
  2. Like
    The Irish Knuckle got a reaction from Champ725 in Big Saturday Morning Matches   
    You didn’t have it in your big matches, but Dickens from MD was lucky.  Clearly he was stuck.
  3. Like
    The Irish Knuckle got a reaction from Chapdaddy in Hot Mic mat 4   
    Ok , I get you volunteered but just know know your mic was hot...After Np was dominated in mid weights,  “Why are they here”. Sorry they came back and won,  ‘“that coach is on my nerve”, but I got it when the guy asked for your shirt size 2x. Nut said
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