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  1. I perfer the after match weigh in like Jockey's in horse racing. You weigh over your weight class you are DQ'ed.
  2. We have several Indiana kids that will be contending this weekend in Minneapolis. Hope they all do well and come through with zero injuries.
  3. So is your point it was a bad call....if you are stuck you should have been beat.
  4. You didn’t have it in your big matches, but Dickens from MD was lucky. Clearly he was stuck.
  5. North Posey had a good showing. I see the program getting stronger each year.
  6. Outstanding performance Brownsburg...yep
  7. Thank you for all that had similar experience as me. Again I thank the volunteers, and I know it’s a long day. Just be aware the mic is hot. You don’t want to be running for president and have grab em by the. Well you all get it.
  8. Ok , I get you volunteered but just know know your mic was hot...After Np was dominated in mid weights, “Why are they here”. Sorry they came back and won, ‘“that coach is on my nerve”, but I got it when the guy asked for your shirt size 2x. Nut said
  9. I do appreciate the camera work and the feed. The play by play could use some polish, but he tried and did a fair job. Can someone let Al Know Hoosier Dome has been gone for years. State is wrestled at bankers Life...lol
  10. That was a great show for Indiana high school wrestling. So great to see both teams exit healthy and bring best against best. Also another shout out to coach Goebel....great play by play you need to take more of the lead at state....hey hook you were phenominal. This is what the sport, but I doubt yout local East side paper will even acknowledge it even happened. I enjoyed it from a Medinah, il,
  11. Word on the street is the Wildcat wins by 10-12. From the rankings the Cats look to have a paper advantage down low. The big question is can the Cat hammers get bonus points where needed. What ever the outcome I hope everyone leaves the mats healthy. Good luck to each team.
  12. I think it is a strong move. Let’s just hope everyone comes back healthy. I’m confident they will represent the state very well.
  13. I remember when the Irish and Wildcats hooked up for matches. I still have a bad taste for a weak slam which costs us the match. It would be great to get a home and home going.
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