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  1. That's a great post. I think it would be perfect if we were talking about winning the individual state tourney in Feb. How much does this help us determine seeding for the duals tourney if we don't look at all 14 guys in a lineup? For example, if a team has #1 ranked guy in the state, but the next weigh is a forfeit (or guy with a 1-7 record), wouldn't that break even in the team score (and that's assuming the #1 ranked guy can get a fall). I do wonder how much the committee will pay attention to the team as a whole.
  2. Cathedral and Penn lost the first game of sectionals. Warren played Carmel on Thanksgiving weekend. Not sure Warren had any starters on the football team. I believe Carmel had 3 starters.
  3. How does merrillville climb to 7? Carmel 52 Harrison (WL) 16 Merrillville 39 Harrison (WL) 24
  4. 6th seed? Are you close enough to the program to name the replacement to the forfeits?
  5. Columbus east within 12 of Cathedral. I noticed East wbf at 160. Did Slivka get pinned?
  6. How does seeding work here? Seed top 8, correct?
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