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  1. Johnathan Spencer Evansville, IN Will do youth, jr. high/middle school, and high school. Member of Southern Indiana Officials and licensed IHSAA Wrestling Official PM me for contact info
  2. Gonna be a great conference tournament!
  3. DJ Randnovich may have done it at 215 in mid to late 90's from Gibson Southern
  4. Wow. That is just for the HS kids? Evansville North has half that and has to use it with all levels. And the school is basically new. Built in 2013 I think. I have seen North Posey's and it is pretty sweet for a 1A school.
  5. Forgot about Wright....he is dangerous but I have not seen Heeke wrestle so just don't know.
  6. Ok just looked and think Nate Morgan (MV) could pull upset. Know he was pretty sick last weekend and didn't wrestle very well. I think he is better than he showed. Not sure if I have his seed right but Willman (NP) injury defaulted I believe in 3rd place match and may be better than he showed if he can get a little healthier this week. At 106 the NP kid could possibly give West (Memorial) a tough match but not really sure. Just know those NP kids are never an easy out. And they are used to being in big matches: Team State and MD Holiday Classic each year. These are not predictions but just possibilities. Either way I think some very good 1st round matches to be had tomorrow at Evansville North.
  7. Haven't even really looked. Just seems to historically happen that way, or maybe that's just my bent perception anyway. Not making any predictions just an opinion based on a total lack of facts to back it up............
  8. I could see 3 maybe 4 at Evansville North Regional. Always seems to happen that way with the Central Sectional being so much tougher than Castle's. First round is always a good one at this Regional!
  9. If the coach had him weigh-in with the 182's then I don't believe you can go 170 even though you are that light. If you weigh-in with the 170's then you can wrestling at 170 or 182. But I don't know what the weigh-in circumstance was.
  10. Have to say I loved hearing Nick Antey, a Castle wrestling assistant coach, belt-out the National Anthem at wrestling events....without a microphone. Pretty impressive.
  11. Good luck. Football and basketball has been fighting for this for years. They won't budge
  12. I think the Reitz Hill Classic is today too. Pool action with cross pool match-up for placement.
  13. Yes but they cannot weigh below what their alpha weight is. So if they are signed off by a doctor that they are naturally below 7% and their alpha weight is 125.8 the day they alpha then they cannot weigh below that or it won't count as a qualifiying weigh in by what I was told.
  14. The IHSAA is absolutely stupid in this scenario. We had to have a couple kids like this step on scale right before weigh ins and they had to drink a tad to make sure they were in that very small window between minimum weight and actual weight class. This is ridiculous and the morons in Indy won't listen.
  15. Would James Brimm from Ev. Central make the list? Think he won state back in mid-late 1990's and won a slew of matches. Wrestled at Mich. St. I believe after HS.
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