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  1. Still a Hoosier, getting my degree in Public Finance with a double minor in Business and Financial Literacy. Me not being an IU Wrestler is too much dirty laundry to openly air on a social media site. Don’t want to expose the coaching staff like that. You’re more than welcome to contact me privately though! Twitter: @JGreathouse141 Facebook: Jonathan Greathouse Email: jdgreath@iu.edu
  2. I know. I wrestled at IU. I saw him in the room all summer. These are just predictions, something to increase viewing and excitement. It’s not personal. If you think my predictions are biased due to Bellemy living or having affiliations with Escobedo that is ignorant. If you think that me being at IU makes me biased that is ignorant. I just think the kid is a better wrestler, nothing else to it, no hard feelings. No need to try and call me out, “of course the IU kid picks Bellemy.” I think he’s a better wrestler and he’s had an awesome season (as has Brewer). Either person could win and I wish them both the best of luck.
  3. Actually not a fan of head coach Angel Escobedo, so the fact that he’s housed by Angel and the fact that he’s affiliated with the Escobedo’s has no effect on my decision to pick Bellemy over Brewer. I just think Bellemy is the better wrestler. Thank you for your ignorant two cents though, sir!
  4. Thanks Mr Garcia. Definitely had you and #TheCounty in mind haha.
  5. 113: Cole Ross (Mater Dei) v. Nicolas Castelluccio (Bloomington South) is also a tough ticket round matchup.
  6. You don't need resources such as exclusive workout facilities, dieticians, or multiple athletic trainers to properly cut weight. They certainly help and it makes things much more accesible and easier to do though. If you do it correctly it should be considered watching your weight. I was a multiple time state placer and wrestled at Indiana University. When transitioning I did not change many of my habits other than working out right before weighing in. Most elite high schools implement this, and unfortunately I was not a part of an elite high school program. At the end of the day your diet and the frequency in which you work out go hand-in-hand when you are properly cutting weight. People think that working out more will fatigue you, but if you are doing it properly, it does not fatigue you. I also found that when crash-cutting I would cramp a lot easier, my muscles were tight from dehydration, and in general I was just sore from malnutrition. I also felt better when I was working out multiple times a day and still eating the day of weigh ins. For example, after practice I would go to another practice, or simply just go to a gym and run/sauna. I did this on Sunday's, Monday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday's. Also based on my experiences with cutting weight in high school, I suggest anyone cutting more than 10 pounds moves up a weight. When you begin focusing on how much weight you need to lose in a practice rather than what you need to do to get better, it effects your growth and development. You also see kids burn out faster as well.
  7. Your weight cut should be calculated and you should always be within approx. 5% of competition weight with one/two hour before weigh ins. College programs are now making their kids eat and drink throughout the day and working out more prior to weigh ins. Eliminating meals and all fluid should not be a part of your weight cut regiment. It's about what and when you eat/drink and how often you are working out. You will feel a lot better off the scale and throughout the day with food (energy!) in your system. Unfortunately most people think that this is impossible when in reality they don't stay disciplined and crash-cut.
  8. When I was in high school I did a maintanance lifting program. Only lifted two times per week. Monday's were legs and back, Thursday was chest/biceps/triceps. Did not do shoulders because you work those enough in practice. Wednesday's were duals, Saturday's were either dual tournaments or individual tournaments. High reps, lower weight. The point was to maintain strength while cutting weight On top of that I did 10am practice on Sunday that was not ran by my wrestling program, it was a club. That way I got 5 days of wrestling in. Never wrestled, ran, or lifted early in the morning unless absolutely necessary (weight cutting usually) because it is important to be on a schedule. By throwing one or two days of early practice or lifting you throw the body's sleep schedule off. When you're training a lot your body needs its sleep for recovery so overuse injuries don't occur. Go to bed at 11pm after studying, wake up at 7am, school at 7:40.
  9. Looking to have a pretty good year! A few of the guys have been up north this preseason while we have about 20 other guys training during the week in town. Can't wait to get the football players back too.
  10. Cade Meier, 2018 Semi-State Qualifier from Bloomington North is now at Bloomington South.
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