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  1. Heritage Hills takes down Southridge 36-29 for championship round. I won’t lie, I walked into these duals with GS as my team to beat to win, not HH. HH definitely a team to not underestimate. Noticeable difference in HH wrestling program. Much stronger, more disciplined team. Was shocked at the numbers they have this year, was told 21 wrestlers total for their program now. Wouldn’t say any standout new talent but definitely new mindset for that program and it showed. Actually spoke with a few HH parents a bit, very impressed with their opinion of Coach Zollman. I was curious how long it would take to see changes in the program under a new coach but this was almost instant. Zollman has clearly put in the time and effort to build his own empire. Seems like he is bringing his CE wrestling background and instilling it down here in southern Indiana. Truthfully, impressed with how quick the dynamic and overall persona of the team has changed. Faces I’ve seen before to always watch out for: Rodgers, Scott, Ayer, Heeke, Rae. But don’t underestimate the newcomers, kids stepping up with great coaching can make the rest go a long way. Simple things like fighting against a pin to not give up extra points is a new toughness fight mentality I’ve never seen come from this program in 5+ years. Extremely well coached, extremely well disciplined. North Posey, Gibson Southern, Tell City, Heritage Hills, Southridge all are making this into a good wrestling conference. Was awesome watching 5 GOOD conference teams battling it out. Can’t wait to face HH & GS again in January for another showdown.
  2. I am by no means here to imply or discuss family/marriage issues. Simply was bringing up transfer or move in possibilities as per thread topic. If you’d like to do that making a new thread would prob be best idea but I’ll stay away from that one.
  3. I can confirm I saw them with principal at the game last night. As I posted I was helping a buddy scout for PAC football. Didn’t mean to “stir”. Just ready for more wrestling talk
  4. Is this still available? Would be great for Southridge club.
  5. Was tagging along with a buddy scouting PAC football game tonight @ the Jungle. Noticed Devon Bell walking around the stadium. Heard due to inclement weather their house is demolished in NC— it seems HH hopeful must be back on the Patriot mats this upcoming year.
  6. I’m sure you can appreciate local rivalries monitoring other programs on the decline or vice versa. 21 on your V roster? I must have missed all those athletes this past year when we faced off. You seem to be missing the point- I’m providing facts by stating numbers are massive in great youth program then drop? Your argument is based off of people’s opinions about an AD? Why are the other sports flourishing at HH? AD involved with those as well? School board minutes simply state when people are leaving. Do they state the why? When you decide to sit down and have a fact supported discussion let me know. Take away message from this discussion- don’t hope for local sports to rise and compete and be better. I would hate for other schools to challenge each other and improve.
  7. Your knowledge on the inner workings of the athletic department makes it appear you work for them? Interesting you’d know all of this and not know which school Devon Bell is attending in NC. Even more interesting a possible employee is posting on an open forum as such? I can assure you it’s public knowledge where Devon is going since it’s been posted online. Again, never once said anything negative about Devon Bell you seem to be searching for something not there. Based on your above recommendation I would agree you need to have a discussion with AD since you very publicly called him out vs. taking it up with him which in my opinion isn’t mature or professional. Apologies stating it’s a dying program (with facts, look at the numbers) and how my hopes it’ll be restored bothered you. So much for well wishes for local schools to become powerhouses again. At least we both can agree we hope Coach Zollman will develop a great HH program for many years to come.
  8. Just to confirm I’ve not once degraded Devon Bell- I even said he’s a bit of a loss. I look forward to following him and hope to see him getting medal on the NC 1A podium in the upcoming years. However, I am saying having such a strong disconnect in the program is what made it a dead or dying program. HH has huge numbers in an awesome youth program that dwindles in jr high and high school. No freshman last year correct? Simply stating as someone who enjoys quality wrestling matches I hope this new coach turns the program around in the right direction. I’m sure you being a big HH wrestling supporter you can appreciate all the qualities he’s bringing to the table. Pretty exciting to see a local program restored back into a good one. We can surely agree on that?
  9. Devon may be a bit of a loss even if coming from his dad. But truly am worried about HH these upcoming years. Talented new coach reviving a dead program with backing can be a game changer.
  10. Every parent likes to think this of their child.
  11. Every parent likes to think this of their child.
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