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    Fond Farewell from Evan Light

    Thanks to everyone involved in Indiana wrestling for providing a great competitive environment. I have enjoyed high school wrestling very much and have improved my skills over the past 3 years by competing with the best. My family and I are moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the end of July and I will be wrestling there my senior year. Thanks to my coaches for preparing me for success on and off the mat, especially Coaches Brad Harper, Chad Hershberger, and Taylor Hart and the many volunteer coaches involved in making Penn wrestling such a great program. Thanks also to some of the great wrestlers I have had the honor to wrestle, especially Trevor Penrod, Brayden Lowery, Jacob Moran, Jose Diaz, and all the other great competitors who kept me “on my toes” so to speak. I look forward to keeping up with all of you next year as I continue to strive to reach my own personal goals. Good luck next season.

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