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  1. Kresja vs S. Foster was a good one.
  2. Is it? I was going to post there, but I didn't see anything. Anyone capable of moving it there, it's appreciated.
  3. Surprised no one has posted about this...Matt Ramos pulling off a huge upset over Spencer Lee. Congrats to him and Purdue, obviously sucks for Spencer. Great match.
  4. They did in the past, but they did away with it during Covid. I'm not sure if they reinstated it this year or not.
  5. Anthony could do it, I think he has been under ranked all year. Good kid.
  6. It was a nice tournament, and yes SOME of the officiating was questionable.
  7. I know, thought this was an Indiana Wrestling forum? It was a good but tough time. I know my son, and a few other team members said this is one of the most enjoyable experiences they've had. Good job to all the kids and coaches.
  8. Interested in this as well. Especially since the Avon child tested positive and they closed down. I get the preventive measures (washing hands, defense wipes,etc) but the kids are wrestling head -to- head, literally and figuratively, not sure how much help they will be.
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