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  1. 4 tickets for sale Section 3 Row 15 Seats 3-6 $45.99 - best deal on the internet!
  2. Hey John my family and I relocated to the area about 3 years ago after retiring from the Army and have been very blessed to have found Center Grove Schools. As for Academics: The schools absolutely do their part academically in preparing their students for their future. The staff cares and they want the kids to succeed. My daughter is a Senior and will be attending college next year at IU. My son is a 7th grader at the middle school and is involved in the wrestling, football, track, Strength program As for Wrestling: A lot of changes have taken place in the last year and I must say that the future is very bright for our student athletes in the wrestling program. We have a new high School coach that believes in a feeder program and has brought some amazing support to help. Here are some info on all of the coaching staff. Maurice Swain - Head Coach CG names Maurice Swain the new High School Wrestling coach Brandon Wright - Assistant Coach -4x IHSAA State Place winner -2x IHSAA State Runner-Up -2x IHSAA STATE CHAMPION -Super 32 Runner-Up -Cadet National Freestyle CHAMPION (Fargo) -2x NAIA NATIONAL CHAMPION -2017 U.S. Open Runner-Up -2018 U.S. Finalist -Currently Ranked #4 in the U.S.A. at 61kg/134lbs. Brandon Wright Bio Vinny Corsaro - Assistant Coach -4x IHSAA State Place winner -3x IHSAA State Runner-Up -FloNational All-American -Junior National Freestyle All-American (Fargo) -Big Ten Wrestler (Rutgers, Indiana University) Strength and Conditioning Coach Marty Mills Coach Mills Bio Aaron Johnson - Owner of "ICG" Indiana Combat Grappling Aaron Johnson Joins CG (Last years article, he has since stepped down as an assistant and started his own academy 2 miles from CG) Aaron Johnsons Academy - ICG Hope this helps and If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Brad (812) 736-2801
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