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  1. We will finally start having some great Indiana vs Purdue dual meets for the foreseeable future. I do think Purdue will extend their dual meet win streak against Indiana this season. Indiana lower weights will be very competitive and it will be fun to see which guys make the lineup. Personally I think Rooks wrestling last year was a smart decision; big ten 133 didn't have Micic or Suriano so that opened spots to qualify for nationals. It also prevented someone really good sitting the bench this year. Asa, Cayden, Paul Konrath would be battling out for 2 weight classes and that would hurt the
  2. So I heard there may be a possibility that Brock will end up at IU? Has anyone else heard this? Huge pick up for IU if this is the case.
  3. From my understanding Coach Escobedo made a lot of cuts from last year's roster. The biggest being Blake Rypel! I've heard coach Escobedo's reasoning behind it, is to change the culture and perception of IU.
  4. You heard it first! I'm pretty close to one of the guys on the team and he told me today Jake is transferring next semester. That is another big pick-up for Escobedo and his staff.
  5. If true great pick up for IU!! Great things going on in Bloomington
  6. some big news coming out of Bloomington! Paul Konrath to IU!!!
  7. Very true points! I just don't think good/great head coaches will want to come to Indiana. Small programs are investing as much as big ten programs. Plus you are truly fighting for the middle of the big ten. To me it's a hard sell to Big time coaches because they have a better shot winning at other conferences. It's not like Indiana has invested in wrestling so why would you trust they would change. They don't care about wrestling. Escobed was at Ohio State during the time they turned things around. He was on staff at Iowa State. Those are two big time programs. So hopefully he learned some
  8. In my opinion Escobedo would be a great fit! Home grown and got it done at IU. That is a huge recruiting tool. He is very well liked in the state and around the nation. I'm not sure why he came back under Goldman but hopefully he doesn't take another coaching position.
  9. The truth is not bashing. Goldman had success for a period of time but in the last 8 years they have only won 4 Big Ten duals. 6 years they didn't win one. In that span Goldman is 4-60. It's time for us to step up and ask for change. If Duane was in any other sport he would have been fired a long time ago.
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