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  1. It should have been a stalemate call not a bias Irish call. I have never been a fan of that ref because he has always been for cathedral. Hell he reffed when I was wrestling in the CYO and that was in the 70s. He was terrible all day long. I did see that they gave him 1 final match and it was on one that no way in hell he could screw that one up. It did cost Brownsburg the team title not alone a wrestler a shot for state title.
  2. BS call all the way around. That ref is a huge supporter of the Irish and the CYO program so he will give the benefit to the mcginns and boys. Mulkey got robbed and that’s all there is to it. All I can say is they need to find a way to keep refs from supporting schools out of there matches and do a better job at it. Cant blame Snyder for being pissed because I would have been too. He musta said something to Russel to get tossed.
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