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  1. Chrissiewhite01

    Freshman/Sophomore Stream

    Thank you
  2. Chrissiewhite01

    Freshman/Sophomore Stream

    I am trying to stream the freshman/sophmore match without luck. I didn't know if I was the only one.
  3. Chrissiewhite01

    Columbus East

    Any word on this?
  4. Chrissiewhite01

    Columbus East

    Yea they do. I wanna brag on boy big time, even though he didn't make it through. He gave ?today.
  5. Chrissiewhite01

    Columbus East

    Yes they are ??
  6. Chrissiewhite01

    Upsets, surprises and great matches

    I just wanna brag on my boy over and over again. He's 160, a sophomore, and wrestled for 182. This is his 1st time at Semi-State, although he didn't make it, he gave it his all. I'm proud of our CE Wrestlers!! Congrats to all going to State.
  7. Chrissiewhite01

    Columbus East

    My boy did his best. I'm proud of all of each and everyone of them. #Eastpride
  8. Chrissiewhite01

    Frosh/Soph State questions

    Thank you so much This is what I needed.
  9. Chrissiewhite01

    Frosh/Soph State questions

    I'm trying to find a direct link to register my son for this event.

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