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  1. MD JV and Blake Boarman win the SIAC conference title. Wow.
  2. My understanding is that they have a 90 day exemption from quarantine.
  3. Center Grove and Cathedral play this Friday. Should be a good one. Merrillville lost to Chatard, so I don't see them competing with Cathedral or Center Grove on the gridiron. Then again, Center Grove got tested by LN last week so you never know what can happen on any given Friday night.
  4. I had the pleasure of getting to know Doug for years while our boys were playing football and growing up in the Castle Wrestling Club. I don't know if I have ever met a finer individual. He will be missed. The message boards won't be quite the same. He was a warrior. I'm glad he is finally at peace and prayers for comfort for Peggy, Baxter, and family.
  5. Another potential spoiler if I remember the bracket right, Fulks should have Bryant from Gibson Southern before Fitts. Bryant is no slouch and could pull an upset if Fulks looks past him. Fulks will have to use some of the gas tank in that match while Fitts should be on cruise control until the finals. Definitely helps Fitts. Gonna be fun day with some great matches.
  6. If you're giving Fulks 7, I'll take Fulks all day...this will be a tight low-scoring match. If anyone scores 7 in this one it will be Fulks. Fitts is a bull, but Fulks is plenty stout himself and a little more athletic than Fitts. If anyone goes to their back in this one it will be Fitts.
  7. It's actually the Las Vegas Raiders now, and they will be just fine. Beautiful stadium being built. I wouldn't be surprised to see a Super Bowl in the near future. I think you are getting the Raiders and the Patriots confused (Tuck rule, Deflate Gate, Video espionage). The Tuck Rule game probably cost the Raiders a Super Bowl. The Patriots are the ones that have been busted multiple times recently. You have to go back to the Stick Um days to bust the Raiders. Congrats on your first championship in 50 years. The Chiefs needed the Cardinals and the Rams to leave St. Louis so they could be the be
  8. Purdy was a stud and multi-state champ before Castle or MCWC. I don't think MCWC wasn't around yet when he was 5/6. MCWC helped him get to another level. A lot of MCWC kids will be at the top, or near the top, of the podium this Saturday in Evansville including Fitts/Fulks. Fantastic program.
  9. This match will be very close. I don't see anyone getting majored, in fact I think it will be fairly low scoring. Something like 2-1, 3-2, 4-3. Fulks can bring some offense, but Fitts doesn't give up points. Should be a great one. Biggest question is how will Fitts respond if he's down late in the match?
  10. My son is a QB that has done camps in GA and CA with kids from all over the country. Every QB parent that I have ever talked to from California, and many from Texas, had held their kid back. I was even given a tutorial on how/when to do it. We elected to stay the course and keep him in his natural grade even though he is on the young side. It has put him at a disadvantage in some cases, but he'll be fine either way.
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