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  1. Lecount and Phillips both came out of the NC semi state.
  2. I could see Mater Dei with 2 in Lee and Dickens. Possibly another if Boarman defeats Bettich in the quarters and a Freeman upset over Cottey wouldn't surprise me either.
  3. As a spectator, bummed to not see this match happen but can’t say I disagree with the decision. Gotta do what’s best looking forward. Good luck with the recovery and rest of the season!
  4. Surprised there hasn't been more discussion on this. Multiple classes with 3-4 ranked wrestlers with the potential for multiple upsets. Shapes up to be a great day of wrestling for all involved. 106: Miller 113: Watson 120: Littell 126: Rioux 132: Garcia 138: Kreitzer 145: Burdon 152: Conley 160: Pruett 170: TJB 182: Brewer 195: Willham 220: Aiken 285: Keys
  5. I thought that was the best national anthem to happen in a good while. The girls did a great great job.
  6. I thought that was the best national anthem to happen in a good while. HIgh School girls did a great great job.
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