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Everything posted by twoooo293116

  1. I'm sure dana white is taking a close look at Austin Desanto after those amazing jujitsu moves in a folk style wrestling match
  2. Shawn Streck was also suppose to play football and wrestle for purdue I thought but I see that he is just wrestling now.
  3. wish we could of had a Brayton Lee vs Joe Lee finals match. I think this would've been just as or more exciting than Lee vs Red
  4. For the people at the Fort Wayne Semi State, I was unfortunately unable to make it or tune into the broadcast. I was just curious about the Winner vs Reed match. I saw it was 5-3 dec for Winner as he gave Reed his first loss of the season. Good match?
  5. I’ve seen kids go crazy after matches and not get called for anything and have also seen kids get called for very minor celebrations. Officials need to be more aware of the emotions that are running high and the kids might not be thinking as much about their actions after punching that ticket to state they’ve been working their tail off for four years or that championship they just won. I personally enjoy some of the creative celebrations some wrestlers come up with. I think most things should be excepted as long as it is not disrespectful to the opponent, or too over the top. That’s just how
  6. What a great match! The place erupted. Love the jay county environment
  7. What matchups are you looking forward to or hoping to see as the state series advances?
  8. 106 1. Miller 2.Todd 3.Lee 4. White 113 1.Curtis 2.Zadylak 3.Rupp 4. Robinson 120 1.Mosser 2. Atkins 3. Schliessman 4.Tighe 126 1. Blackburn 2. Curtis 3. Lawson 4. Shaffer 132 1. Barr 2. Perry 3. Liter 4. Summersett 138 1. Rutter 2. Fiechter 3. Wells 4. McCammon 145 1. Hunt 2. Young 3. Ruble 4. Mounsey 152 1. Macklin 2. Hiestand 3. Hemmlegarn 4. Beeks 160 1. Winner 2.Swanson 3. Bate
  9. I was impressed with Chapman getting the 3-1 decision over Friedt and avenging his loss from last years finals.
  10. Who impressed you the most at the Jay county sectional?
  11. Miller from South Adams has been knocked out in the ticket round the last 3 years and is down a weight and looking tough. He's seems determined to get a lot more than a Qualification.
  12. 106- Miller 113- Zadylak 120- Mosser 126- Harris 132- Perry 138- Fiechter 145- Mounsey 152- Macklin ( I believe Hemmelgarn will keep it close) 160- Winner 170- Chapman ( He's crafty and could pull out the win against Friedt) 182- Frasher 195- Lykins 220- Hare ( Hare vs Schumm alone will be worth the price of the ticket) 285- Baronick Team Race 1. JC ( if they come to wrestle) 2. Bellmont 3. AC Three different team champs on three different days. Gonna be fun one to watch.
  13. 106- Moran 113 Curtis 120- Fair 126- Viduya 132- Rooks 138- Combest 145- McIntosh 152- Lee 160- Winner 170- Fattore 182- Walton 195- Davison 220- Parris 285- Pokorney
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