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  1. The Scholar has a great idea. Mackey Arena would be awesome! Hey! Let’s not forget about Bruno’s, the best pizza place in town.
  2. Three Harrison Raiders punch tickets. 132 Betourne 160 Conklin 285 Crider Keep laughing Brickfor6. The Raiders have Some of the Region Rats on their radar. We will see who makes it through. Then you can change your laughing emoji to a crying one! Haha!
  3. Three Harrison Raiders punch tickets. 132 Betourne 160 Conklin 285 Crider
  4. I doubt at 160 Hooley beats Conklin. I heard last week at Regional Conklin was sick. He is back to 100% Conklin will beat Hooley.
  5. Understand. Thanks for clarifying. I agree with you the Harrison wrestlers will dominate.
  6. Thanks to Wrestling Scholar I always enjoy your posts and your predictions are always fair.
  7. They may be unknowns but they are flying under the radar pretty nicely. There are some solid wrestlers that will come out of this regional and head to the toughest semi-state we have in Indiana. This regional is always overlooked. I’m cheering for the unknown underdogs this weekend.
  8. Anyone want to make predictions for this regional. Anyone? Anyone?
  9. Completely agree with nkraus.
  10. Krintz quit the team last week after conference loss. Guess his heart wasn’t in it.
  11. I understand what you’re saying. However, I think the Conklin kid has a good chance this year. He’s tough!
  12. Ok. So here are my predictions! 106 Hein (Harrison) over Skees (LCC). Should be an easy win for Hein. He's been on a roll lately. However, the Freshman Skees will give him a good match. 113 Patrick (Jeff) over Harper (Seeger). Patrick is a solid wrestler but Harper might give him a run for his money. 120 McCartney (Harrison) over Proffitt (Carroll). If McCartney's not careful Proffitt could benefit and beat McCartney in an OT. 126 Burge (McCutcheon) over Carmack (Carroll). Both good wrestlers but Burge takes this one. 132 Betourne (Harrison) over Worley (Jeff). A rematch here from their conference tournament. Betourne with out question will dominate over Worley. Betourne is having a great year with a state birth in his sights. 138 Skees (LCC) over Linder (McCutcheon). Okay so I know Skees is young, but he comes from a wrestling family and his brothers were pretty good. I think Skees can pull it off. 145 Merkel (Harrison) over Douglass (Attica). Don't know much about Douglass but Merkel is having a solid year. Merkel's got this one! 152 Ruiz (Harrison) over Ruble (McCutcheon) in OT. A rematch here from their conference tournament. Ruble won conference. I think Ruiz will be looking for a revenge match. Should be a good one to watch. Both are solid wrestlers. 160 Conklin (Harrison) over Adkins (Jeff). Another rematch from their conference tournament. Conklin won conference. This will probably be the best match of the day to watch. It will be an exciting one! Both are very skilled wrestlers. Conklin has this one, he's a hard working kid! Both wrestlers should make it into the state tournament this year. 170 Lopez (McCutcheon) over Fair (Jeff). Again another rematch. One might think Krintz (Harrison) would be up here, but he has fallen off this year with injuries. Lopez has this one. 182 Younker (Harrison) over Moore (Jeff). Conference rematch. These two wrestlers will make this a fun match to watch. Younker has had a lot of success at this weight class. This could possibly be an OT with Younker pulling out the win! 195 Oakley (Harrison) over Barron (Jeff). I'm calling this a win for Oakley. He is a tough and scrappy kid! I think he pulls this one out! 220 Kidwell (WL) over Will Crider (Harrison). Crider is good but I think Kidwell is a stronger wrestler. 285 Donnie Crider (Harrison) over Trent (WL). Don't know much about Trent. Crider always seems to dominate but he does have a knee injury. If Trent gets Crider into the later periods of the match then Crider could be in trouble. **Harrison pulls out the Team win for sectionals!
  13. Agreed. I think there might be some rematches from last weekend at conference that will be fun to watch.
  14. Any predictions on this sectional yet?
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