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  1. Ryan11p

    Unsportsman Like Conduct Call on Peele

    Not sure much can top the Peele family response awesome to see Brocks family support and defend both kids. When I first saw Brocks response to his victory I didn't really know what to think, I'm a Brickie to my core but instantly I remebered the class Brock showed in losses to Triana at sectionals and regionals, I also thought he deserves to celebrate such a big win. See the region is really a big family we really stick together rivals at times for sure but at the end of the day 2 great kids going to the state finals hopefully to met again in the finals its Great! Anyone would have reacted after that win hats off to Peele and Triana for being class acts all year.
  2. Ryan11p

    Logan Boe-Danville

    So Happy for this kid, I have a younger cousin that goes to Danville HS and I have been following Logan the last 2 seasons!! great job!
  3. Happy to hear this!! great things happening to great ppl Congrats!!
  4. Ryan11p

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    One more thing to address some questions I failed to in my first post. In Idaho, Georgia, and North Carolina, they would do pretty much a area (like sectionals) then a Regional, then State. I was very suprised in my opinion what this system did is widen the gap. Kids that would not make it out of a Indiana Regional would be on the mat at the state finals. It was very clear to me who the state champions were going to be. In fact often times the 3 best kids all won there class with little real competition. Not all the time but at least 70% in those states. Ohio was another animal very good wrestling across the board there.
  5. Ryan11p

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    I have seen classed wrestling first hand was in the Army and lived in Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho, Ohio, and indiana and let me tell ya Indiana has the best system I have seen. Let me list some observations. These are just my opinion no disrespect intended. 1. It seemed in the 4 classed state I lived in downplayed anyone not in the biggest class. Meaning that from my experiences ppl only cared about the state champions from the largest class. 2. Seen this in all these states but I'll use a North Carolina example. So NC has 3 classes in wrestling. They have all 3 finals for a weight at one time. There ia simply nothing like a state final matchup under the lights in Indiana. 3. All 4 states I witnesses the state finals matches ending for any given weight class and immediately heard talk from spectators and wrestlers in regards to who the best kid in the weight class is or who would beat who. Bunch of speculation on matches that most likely won't ever happen. 4. College prospects; im no college coach but know some and the guys I know put more stock into the bigger class state champs. Which isn't always correct and not every coach does it but in general im comfortable saying it. 5. From the kids perspective it has to be terrible. Think about it, you work your tail off in a season, devote your life to a goal and 2 or 3 others can accomplish the same thing? I think having 1 true state champion in any individual sport is the only way. Your the best 120 lbs wrestler, your the fastest 100 meter dash runner, fastest 50 freestyle swimmer etc having several diminishes what it means to be a state champion. For me what I saw with my own eyes in the classed states I lived in. Was great kids, great wrestlers, nice ppl, but questions at the end and much less meaning.
  6. Ryan11p

    East Chicago SS - 1st Round Upsets?

    Love the Turley pick, the kid wrestles all year long and is battle tested as they come!
  7. Ryan11p

    andres moreno

    All great points, thats why i love this state. Such educated wrestling fans. I was in the Army and couldn't believe the lack of wrestling in the states I was stationed. Honored to get a response from ontherise219! Watch u weekly on the streams awesome job! Wrestling4ever great points as well! Cant wait to see how state plays out!
  8. Ryan11p

    andres moreno

    Yeah Curtis, Lowery (roncalli), and Moreno all look good. But Moreno has wins these others dont have. We will see at state
  9. Ryan11p

    andres moreno

    Imo Moreno is the best 113 in the state, the kid is undefeated and bumped up several times this season, beaten some of the best 120s in the state him being ranked 4th is crazy. The rankings guys do an incredible job but can't wait to see Moreno win state
  10. Ryan11p

    “Automatic” State Champs

    Imo Curtis is not a lock at 113, Moreno will be right there. My money is on Moreno

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