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  1. It’s not as simple as “common sense” because common sense would tell you that around 4% of people with COVID are dying. Common sense would also tell you that COVID spreads a lot more frequently than most of the things listed above. Lastly, common sense would tell you there are ways to prevent most of the things up there (excluding cancer and type one diabetes) Lets say worst case scenario happens and every American gets COVID. That’s 356 million Americans. 4% of them dying is about 18 million. Would you rather save the 4% that could potentially get COVID in the future or wrestle t
  2. If you think new castle is awesome just wait until next week. The state tournament is unreal! One of the best atmospheres for any high school event in the country and great for the kids to be able to wrestle in a place like bankers life
  3. You really made an account 1 hour ago to call someone out for “stalling”. He made the finals whether it’s a style you like or not
  4. Montgomery with a slick duck to almost take down Rioux but can’t get him down to the mat, Rioux escapes 1-0 Despite an early take down by Ruhlman, Freeman handles business in the finals
  5. Lane Gilbert over Cheaney Scheoff 8-4 and looked great Kysen Montgomery over Ben Dalton 6-3 Ashton Hayhurst gives everything to Ray Rioux but falls 6-3 Drake Campbell over Blake Boarman 6-2 and looked great as well Logan Boe over Johnathan Kervin in a 12-11 thriller
  6. At the Mooresville regional #7 Kysen Montgomery beats #2 Ben Dalton 2-1 SS #8 Anthony Walker pins SS #6 Jacob Cookerly UR Ethan Nash Franklin Comm. beats SS #8 Logan carrington in a 9-8 barnburner first round
  7. Earlier in the HCC tourney #6 EVSS Nick Cicciarelli over #10 Reece Luhmann 3-1
  8. No score first period. Littell escaped second period and Montgomery got hit for stalling. Third period Littell rode Montgomery out but Montgomery was close to a reversal late in the third after Littell got too high with legs but ran out of time
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