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Everything posted by Wrestlingaddict101

  1. Last time they wrestled Blee won... and remember were talking about 2017 joe lee vs 2018 brayton. Brayton wins
  2. Yea I think both of them can do well right out of the gate next year as true freshman. But I hope they both get redshirted and get a year in those big ten rooms before they compete. Even though nick lee should do well at ncaas I was hoping they wouldn’t pull his redshirt
  3. Does just 1st place get gear or top 5?
  4. I can’t wait to watch them both at the next level. Has anyone heard anything about either of them redshirting or not?
  5. If mason would of competed in as many off season tournaments as blee he would have the same off season accolades... I mean he is also ranked #1 in the country at his weight so one could only assume he would of did well at super 32’s, etc, etc
  6. I agree but unfortunately kids dreams are still ruined by terrible calls... I understand refs making debatable calls was his toes in etc etc... but that mulkey stalling call and the fattore “defensive” pin call were rough there’s a difference between a bad call and a questionable call
  7. Mason Parris!!! Break the state fall record... more wins 3rd, 1st, 1st, 1st come on man
  8. Wow just watched the match again. Mulkey literally just brought him to the mat. So he even improved his position what an awful call
  9. Great 2 days of wrestling! Sucks that its over the season always seems to go so quick
  10. Well I think brownsburg wins in a dual but that's not what matters anymore to the IHSAA so I guess it depends on what you mean by "real" champs. I Just hate it that our team championship isn't decided by the whole team. Brownsburg and Cathedral did a great job by getting 7 and 10 guys to state but that's not the whole team. You have some semi states that from year to year are quite a bit weaker than others seems like that gives a team an advantage going into state.
  11. Well I think Slivka just sealed it for cathedral... thought hunt was gonna get 2 in the 3rd period very close.
  12. You guys aren't out of it yet. Need to be a portage and Yorktown fan these next 2 matches lol
  13. Everyone knows he is a great kid and very respectful. I'm just saying hard to make Washington shake his hand after getting dominated 17-2 and then Lee emphasizing twice the break breaker.
  14. Yea bad call Fattore who was obviously the better wrestler just got screwed. Im watching on track and a defensive pin has never been called that fast and his shoulders were not flat on the mat lol.
  15. Should of been a stalemate Mulkey got screwed
  16. His hand fighting and neutral game is unreal! Can't wait to see him on the next level. But that whole emphasizing the back breaker at the end of the match twice and then making Washington shake his hand is ridiculous... im all for kids shaking the opponents hand at the end of the match but if Portage is going to be penalized a team point or anything then Brownsburg should be penalized as well I mean Brayton did it twice and was really trying to emphasize it can't expect Washington to shake his hand after that.
  17. You should be proud! Your son is a stud and unfortunately he a bad match when it mattered. I will be pulling for him the next 2 years that's for sure... I would of loved to have seen him vs Warren this year. Also it seemed like every scramble went Mahan's way... not taking anything from Mahan he is also a stud and capitalized but couldn't believe how the scrambles went during that match.
  18. Does this add on to the semi state scores? Or is the semi state contest done?
  19. Nick what did you say to watch instead of Vision quest? And come on can't hate on Vision Quest!
  20. Love the hangouts guys. Thanks. Also want to throw in there... Mike you do a great job with the rankings and I know its not easy thank you
  21. 106. Moran 113. Curtis 120. Watts 126. Rooks 132. Rooks 138. Mulkey 145. Mcintosh 152. Lee 160. Mappes 170. Warren 182. Walton 195. Davison 220. Parris 285. Pokorney
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