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Posts posted by Wrestlingaddict101

  1. 3 minutes ago, Wrestling4EVER said:

    1. Calhoun got robbed.

    2. Allred has a great style for college

    3. Koontz is a lot better than I realized

    4. it is not gonna be near as exciting when Whitehead leaves

    5. best kids I never heard of was Solomey and Tyler Jones

    6.Tyler Jones will be top 4 in the next 2 years

    7. Boarman is way to talented to stall as much as he did after he got leads. this is a compliment

    8. I really wanna see Cottey and Seltzer or/and Boarman and Mendez next year.

    Seltzer crushes Cottey and Mendez crushes Boarman...


  2. 1 hour ago, 42westside said:

    Parkinson situation was huge. Probably cost EMD 18 points. EMD is to far behind now. Cathedral looks like they are in control. 

    They weren't to far behind but hollendonner with the upset over Levitz was huge. Might be to far behind now.

  3. 1 minute ago, 42westside said:

    Crown Point single handedly eliminated EMD. 

    They beat them in 2 big matches. I still think Mater Dei gets 2 champs and the score will be close at the end. If walker doesn't get hurt Parkinson finishes top 4 and it would be a different story. Can't count Cathedral out now hell there in 1st. Baumann really hurt MD. Hollendonner getting the pin in the 1st round while losing by 1 was HUGE. A lot of should of could of's, very close race and fun to watch hats off to all 3 teams. I just keep bringing up Parkinson because that was awful luck with Walker getting hurt and then drawing into him.

  4. Crown Point and Mater Dei with 6 each moving on. I thought Hayhurst and Baumann would both move on but both faded at the end. Going into saturday im leaning towards Crown Point now. I think Parkinson drawing into Walker really hurt Mater Dei, Parkinson would of finished high. Not a fan of how the team state title is decided anymore...

  5. Yea I agree but hayhurst is ranked 9th so him placing isn’t a huge deal, parkinson is ranked 3rd and gets the #1 in the state. Tough draw. If parkinson doesn’t draw walker he probably earns a bunch of teams points for mater dei 

  6. Rodriguez edges out Moreno. But I feel for Moreno got called for a slam that I thought was a bad call. So they don't give Moreno the takedown and give Rodriguez a point plus Rodriguez was dead tired and Moreno was pushing the pace completely changed the match and if it wasn't for that call I think Moreno wins. Great jonesy tilt by Rodriguez though for the big move of the match.

  7. 6 minutes ago, grappleapple said:

    I went through and looked at the brackets to get the records. It looks like the combined record of the No. 1 guys is 417-6. I know Dickens lost to two out of state guys, Washington (160) lost to South (170) and Rooks (138) lost to Warren (145). I'm not sure where Garcia's and Moran's loss came from. But, still mighty impressive.

    Garcia and Moran’s losses were both out of state as well

  8. 3 hours ago, Mattyb said:

    I really hate the fact that a few bad apples are going to ruin the whole batch. I personally like to hear the whistles, crowd, and the coaches during the broadcast. And.. sometimes you get some really knowledgeable table help that say some good stuff. I think that doing away with sound takes away from the broadcast. I really would encourage that you tape a reminder to each table to remind them to watch what they say, before the tournament is muted. 

    I completely agree! I also like to hear the whistles, noise, etc. I heard a little bit of foul language here and there but I thought it went great. I wasn't able to make the trip to Fort. Wayne this year and was very thankful and pleased to be able to watch it on track. Please don't let a few bad apples or a few complaining make up your mind. Thank you for everything you did. 

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