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Everything posted by Wrestlingaddict101

  1. Does anyone know how I can watch the big 10’s? Flo wrestling? Big ten network? Track wrestling?
  2. Jordan Slivka is a gamer what a match
  3. Will the finals be on ihsaatv.org again? or ihsaa.org whatever it is lol
  4. Really wanted to see Conner vs tyce in the semis...
  5. brutal draws at 126. Watts and Mendez on the same side and peele/curtis first round
  6. click on schedule and replays it should be the top link
  7. Bates over Laplace 3-2.Sucks for Laplace bad draw at regionals and then semi state. Close matches and could of gone either way at regionals and semi state. Has beat Brown and Bates this year and their going to state. Feel for the kid.
  8. Rodriguez edges out Moreno. But I feel for Moreno got called for a slam that I thought was a bad call. So they don't give Moreno the takedown and give Rodriguez a point plus Rodriguez was dead tired and Moreno was pushing the pace completely changed the match and if it wasn't for that call I think Moreno wins. Great jonesy tilt by Rodriguez though for the big move of the match.
  9. Garcia and Moran’s losses were both out of state as well
  10. I completely agree! I also like to hear the whistles, noise, etc. I heard a little bit of foul language here and there but I thought it went great. I wasn't able to make the trip to Fort. Wayne this year and was very thankful and pleased to be able to watch it on track. Please don't let a few bad apples or a few complaining make up your mind. Thank you for everything you did.
  11. I believe Fabio is talking about the mulkey match where mulkey got hit for stalling late in the match in the semifinals
  12. Burford/Mosconi match was really good. I was impressed with Burford the whole tournament
  13. I agree but it sucked the way the brooks/bailey match ended
  14. Yea I don’t disagree with that but he did get hit with stalling twice in the last like 30 seconds I think
  15. I honestly think he called stalling thinking that the match was over and then walker got the 2 right as time expired
  16. They called stalling and awarded a point and then gave 2 for the takedown
  17. Exactly predictions! You predict they get dominated we predict they don't lol. couple more days can't wait!
  18. I also don’t think south will dominate... I think he will win but him and joe walker should be exciting and fairly close
  19. Yea I seen that just figured it would be a little bit of a delay. Do you know when we will be able to watch it? Thank you for the help.
  20. Angel graduated in 05 I believe he won NCAA in 08 his sophomore year (I think he redshirted)
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