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  1. From my understanding, Valpo will not be in attendance.
  2. Rumor has it that Portage A will be wrestling!
  3. Garry Burkhart Invite 16 Ranked Wrestlers @INDIANAMAT.com Talented Teams and Successful Coaches Great Match-Ups Could shape up to be a small, but exciting tournament before Sectionals. Any thoughts or predictions? I picked my top guys, but some weights are a little thin. Let’s hear what ya got! 106 Jacob Moran (PORT) #1 Indianamat Andrew Sinkovics (MISH) Ryan Judge (LOW) James Corgan (HOB) 113 Ricky Hegedus (PORT) #9 Indianamat Andres Moreno (LOW) #6 Indianamat Brendon Mark (MISH) Christian Padilla (HOB) 120 Tylor Triana (HOB) #2 Indianamat Brock Peele (PORT) #5 Indianamat Ebrardo Azpeitia (MORT) 126 Colin Poynter (PORT) #5 Indianamat Devin Pineda (MORT) Nathan Schammert (HOB) 132 Reese Rodriguez (MORT) #7 Indianamat ??? Gabe Weeks (MISH) Shawn Hollis (LOW) Alec Luna (PORT) Quentin Gomez (HOB) 138 Kris Rumph (PORT) #3 Indianamat Drew Mason (MISH) Hayden Homoky (HOB) 145 Kasper Mcintosh (PORT) #1 Indianamat Jacob LaPlace (MISH) #8 Indianamat Tyler Turley (HOB) Cole Cervantes (GRIF) 152 Joseph Walker (MISH) #8 Indianamat Zach Nugent (PORT) Michael Hunter (HOB) Abel Verbeek(LOW) 160 DJ Washington (PORT) #2 Indianamat Dante Colza V (HOB)#8 Indianamat Ben Kensinger (MISH) Kevin Hooley (LOW) 170 Zack Fattore (HOB)#2 Indianamat Drake Guerrero (PORT) Robert Miller (LOW) Colin Fee (MISH) 182 Jeremy Torres (PORT) Jacob Vode (HOB) Cody Timmerman (MISH) Zeke VanDeventer (FRAN) 195 Jacob Bondon (PORT) Garrett Sandefur (MISH) Tyler Hunter (HOB) Hunter Rohweder (LOW) 220 Chester Swopes (PORT) #14 Indianamat Jake Steward (LOW) Bobby Babcock (HOB) Alex Matias (FRAN) 285 Alex Faulkner (MISH) #16 Indianamat Chandler Augusten (LOW) Ryan Pisarski (HOB) Ricky Beehn (PORT) Possible Match-Up Talk 106 Moran will likely battle with Sinkovics in the final, Moran is surely the favorite. 113 Hegedus vs Moreno. EXCITING 120 Triana vs Peele. BOOM! 126 Poynter stands alone. 132 Good weight class, could have a few good matches. 138 Rumph, good luck stopping that young man. 145 Turley vs LaPlace, winner gets Mcintosh? This can shape up to be a very fun weight. 152 Tough guys will go to battle. Joseph Walker is the frontrunner. Nugent and Hunter will be chasing right after him. 160 Washington vs Colza? Could be fireworks, should be exciting to see Washington continue his path of destruction or will Colza knock him off course. 170 Can anyone tame the beast in Zack Fattore? 182 Torres may be tested with a couple of strong, tough guys behind him. 195 Jacob Bondon has looked great can he keep it up? Tyler Hunter is not to be overlooked as he was a Harvest Classic Finalist this year. 220 Swoopes looks to sweep the competition. 285 Faulkner still has his best wrestling ahead of him, can he prove that this weekend?
  4. Can't count out Cervantes and Bondon has looked incredible thus far, curious to see how he matches up with Fowler.
  5. What are the marquee final match-ups? Triana vs Peele 120 Mcintosh vs Turley 145 Nugent/Washington? vs Colza/Hunter 152/160 Groover vs Torres 182
  6. Sectionals is only a few weeks away, Let’s talk Griffith Sectional. *Teams *Matchups *Front Runners and Dark Horses *Venue 106 Jacob Moran (Portage) #1 Jordan Steele (Calumet) Adam Ackerman (Highland) James Corgan (Hobart) 113 Ricky Hegedus (Portage) Andres Russi (Lake Station) Thomas Perez (Griffith) Mateo Garcia (Highland) 120 Tylor Triana (Hobart) #2 Brock Peele (Portage) #5 Pablo Russi (Lake Station) Trevor Corle (Calumet) 126 Colin Poynter (Portage) #5 Nathan Schammert (Hobart) Dylan LeNeave (Highland) Jared Stiles (Lake Station) 132 Alec Luna (Portage) Quentin Gomez (Hobart) Raul Mendoza (Highland) Javier Bulga (River Forest) 138 Kris Rumph (Portage) #3 Hayden Homoky (Hobart) Zack Yost (River Forest) Jake Hirchak (Highland) 145 Kasper Mcintosh (Portage) #1 Tyler Turley (Hobart) Cole Cervantes (Griffith) Robert Stanley (Andrean) 152 DJ Washington (Portage) #2 Mike Hunter (Hobart) Zane Yost (River Forest) Alex Lopez (Highland) 160 Dante Colza V (Hobart) #8 Cody Snook (Calumet) Zach Nugent (Portage) Lee Covarubias (Highland) 170 Zack Fattore (Hobart) #2 Drake Guerrero (Portage) Aaron Stewart (Lake Station) Marvin Pyle (Calumet) 182 Jeremy Torres (Portage) Bradley Groover (River Forest) Luke Nicksic (Andrean) Jacob Vode (Hobart) Brian Barajas (Highland) 195 AJ Fowler (Calumet) #5 Jacob Bondon / Anthony Maceo (Portage) #8 Tyler Hunter (Hobart) Justin Bogner (Highland) 220 Chester Swoopes (Portage) #14 Sam Perez (Highland) James Lewis (Calumet) Duncan Houpt (Andrean) 285 Keiloun Martin (Calumet) Ryan Pisarski (Hobart) Ricky Beehn (Portage) Justin Davis (Highland) Teams Portage Hobart Calumet Highland
  7. Colza(H) dec 2-1 over Hoover(MV) Colza(H) dec 6-2 over Hicks(FWC) Hoover(MV) Fall over Bynum(HH) Locket(MV) Major Dec 13-4 over Groover(RF) Cruz(MV) dec 6-5 over Diaz(WHE)
  8. Yes, with two of their best wrestlers out. They also had 3-5 JV guys in that weekend.
  9. Penn is on a down year, Hobart vs Penn... Hobart all day! In fact they'd beat Penn, Castle, Carroll, Harrison, and probably a few others.
  10. Possible Match-Ups (Based On Latest Results) 106 Jacob Carter (CP) vs Rodney Cardwell (H) 113 Julio Reyes (CP) vs Christian Padilla (H) 120 Billy Majszak (CP) vs Tylor Triana (H) or Nathan Shammert (H) 126 Kaellin Kelly (CP) vs Tylor Triana (H) 132 Colin Taylor (CP) vs Quentin Gomez (H) 138 Jake Buford (CP) vs Hayden Homoky (H) 145 Caden Rice (CP) vs Tyler Turley (H) 152 Noah Lamore (CP) vs Mikey Hunter (H) 160 Oszkar Kasch (CP) vs Dante Colza V (H) 170 Mario Traficante (CP) vs Zack Fattore (H) 182 Ethan Potosky (CP) vs Jacob Vode (H) 195 Nick Devany (CP) vs Drake Recio (H) 220 Jacob Jeeninga (CP) vs Bobby Babcock (H) 285 Michael Foster (CP) vs Ryan Pisarski (H) or Kedrick Morris (H)
  11. If I am not mistaking they were only there because of the Hobart Super Six being snowed out! Prior to last year it was only Hobart, Munster, KV, and Wheeler. With the Hobart Super Six being snowed out last year Highland and Whiting were invited.
  12. 8 State Ranked Individuals Amongst The 6-Way Dual 106 #12 Giovanni Diaz WHEELER 113 #3 Jose Diaz WHEELER 120 #1 Tylor Triana HOBART 160 #10 Dante Colza V HOBART 170 #2 Zack Fattore HOBART #10 Trey Buehler WHEELER #16 Cody Crary MUNSTER 220 #11 Caleb Thomas MUNSTER ______________________________________________________________________________ 15 Semi-State Ranked Individuals Amongst The 6-Way Dual 106 #6 ECSS Giovanni Diaz WHEELER #8 ECSS Rodney Cardwell HOBART 113 #1 ECSS Jose Diaz WHEELER #3 ECSS Jake Armstrong WINAMAC 120 #1 ECSS Tylor Triana HOBART 145 #7 ECSS Cole Cervantes 152 #6 ECSS Mikey Hunter HOBART 160 #3 ECSS Dante Colza V HOBART 170 #1 ECSS Zack Fattore HOBART #2 ECSS Trey Buehler WHEELER #5 ECSS Cody Crary MUNSTER 182 #8 ECSS Randy Sneed KV 195 #5 ECSS Nick Schoonveld KV 220 #2 ECSS Caleb Thomas MUNSTER #5 ECSS Keenan Day WINAMAC
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