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Posts posted by BigBruda

  1. 3 hours ago, Eagle2 said:

    Yes, 8 hours after it happen. 

    Shouldn't have taken the opportunity away from Mr. Rumph who many saw as the eventual champ... This was his last opportunity to wrestle flonationals and to have a championship opportunity taken away by a LAYDOWN is ridiculous. I don't know who made the laydown call, but it's sickening.

  2. On 4/7/2018 at 3:14 PM, Eagle2 said:

    Was the move on Bryant illegal or not? Rules are rules for a reason. I know the Coach & Bryant. Culver teaches toughness everyday on & off the mat if you know anything about the school. Bryant is as tough as they come if he could have gone on he would have. If there wasn’t an illegal move this wouldn’t even be a discussion!!

    He wrestled in the Championship finals correct?

  3. 14 minutes ago, anymoues said:

    I dont know why so many people are over looking banks? Turley is tough but I believe banks will beat him. I respect everyone's opinion but I think Banks is getting underestimated   

     I never said I was underestimating him, I simply don't see what you see. Turley has some of the best partners a freshman could ask for in (Triana)(Hunter)(Colza)(Fattore). Hobart has a much tougher schedule as well. Turley is battle tested and brings a lot to the table. Good luck to Gavin!

  4. Top 4 Predictions



    Jacob Moran

    Martin Cruz

    Mark Rodriguez

    Alexander Dominquez



    Ricky Hegedus

    Andres Russi

    Derick Gosa

    Juan Maldonado



    Tylor Triana

    Brock Peele

    Ebrardo Azpeitia

    Pablo Russi



    Colin Poynter

    Daniel Mora-Diaz

    Nathan Schammert

    Dylan LeNeave



    Reese Rodriguez

    Alec Luna

    Jacob Maldonado

    Quentin Gomez



    Kris Rumph

    Ahzsur Ursery

    Zachary Yost

    Isaiah Watts



    Kasper Mcintosh

    Cole Cervantes

    Tyler Turley

    Devin Pope



    Washington Jr.

    Aaron Griggs

    Michael Hunter

    Alex Lopez



    Dante Colza V

    Malik Hoover

    Zach Nugent

    Cody Snook



    Zack Fattore

    Cody Crary

    Drake Guerrero

    Marvin Pyle



    Tyjonn Lockett

    Jeremy Torres

    Bradley Groover

    Jamari Washington



    Jacob Bondon

    Arthur Fowler

    Erion Hogan

    Dennis Weston


    Brandon Streck

    Caleb Thomas

    Chester Swoopes

    James Lewis



    Anthony Atria

    Ricky Beehn

    Keiloun Martin

    Myles Mitchell


  5. 24 minutes ago, ontherise219 said:

    Region sports will be broadcasting on site. If you watched the Griffith sectional final you saw a great match with Triana and peele. I would guess this will be the final again. 

    What are the other possible finals? 

    106 Moran v Cruz

    113 Hegedus v Gosa/Russi

    120 Peele v Triana

    126 Poynter v Mora-Diaz

    132 Luna v Rodriguez 

    138 Rumph v Ursery

    145 Mcintosh v Cervantes/Turley

    152 Washington Jr v Griggs/Hunter

    160 Hoover/Snook v Colza V

    170 Fattore v Crary/ Guererro 

    182 Lockett v Torres

    195 Bondon v Fowler

    220 Streck v Thomas/Swoopes

    285 Atria v Beehn


  6. 25 minutes ago, brickfor6 said:

    Well Its official, Griffith is running 2 mats for this sectional. The gym is very small and is going to be jammed packed. Many of the coaches were not happy with the location last night at the seeding meeting. I am pretty sure that it will be the last of the sectionals to complete. Will Griffith host next year? If no where will it go? Will Hobart get both the Sectional and the Regional? I am betting that there are going to be a lot of unhappy campers at this sectional on Saturday.



  7. Champion Predictions

    106 Moran (PORT)

    113 Hegedus (PORT)


    120 Triana (HOB)

    126 Poynter (PORT)

    132 Luna (PORT)


    138 Rumph (PORT)

    145 Mcintosh (PORT)

    152 Washington (PORT)

    160 Colza (HOB)

    170 Fattore (HOB)

    182 Groover (RIVF)

    195 Fowler (CALU)

    220 Swoopes (PORT)

    285 Martin (CALU)


    Portage- 8 Champs

    Hobart- 3 Champs

    Calumet- 2 Champs

    River Forest- 1 Champ

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