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    Eagle2 reacted to rookie78 in Qualifying weigh ins for state tourney?   
    I guess the way that I read this is, what about kids who are quarantined due to close contact? They may be out 2 weeks and could potentially miss the opportunity to weigh-in 4-6 times.
    Obviously, if event are canceled then team could possibly catch a nearby event and get a weigh-in.
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    Eagle2 reacted to blorek in Qualifying weigh ins for state tourney?   
    I'm confident the IHSAA will work with teams in the best interest of the kids.  Difficult task, because there are so many different communities and policies regionally.  I would expect a little flexibility this season.  
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Go Dogs!
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    Eagle2 reacted to bbulldog152 in Qualifying weigh ins for state tourney?   
    I know in past years with snow cancelations the IHSAA is normally willing to find loopholes to fill the spots like weigh-in at a meet that they're not wrestling at. We had a team come weigh-in to get an extra weigh-in about 3 years ago while we had a dual with another school. I'm sure the IHSAA will keep it the same until they feel the need to change it. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to Matt Time in Qualifying weigh ins for state tourney?   
    IHSAA winter sports bulletin published last week still calls for 6 qualified weigh-ins to qualify for state tournament series. As it stands today, our team's schedule only includes 6 duals and a super dual, so that's definitely going to be tight. First dual isn't even until Dec. 2. God forbid a kids out sick or injured for a week. Or forced to quarantine for two weeks because of "suspected contact" with a COVID case.
    But let's be honest here, if things keep headed the way they are now . . . doesn't feel like there's a scenario where suddenly school districts feel comfortable hosting big multi-team tournaments by last week of January. I don't want to be this pessimistic, somebody tell me it's all going to be ok!
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    Eagle2 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Eli Pack of Culver Academies commits to   
    Congratulations to Eli Pack from Culver Academies for signing with Army West Point. He is projected to wrestle 197.
    View full signing
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    Eagle2 reacted to CMA Wrestling in 2020 Head Coaching Changes and Openings   
    Culver Academies - Head Wrestling Coach (This Position Is Open).
    Interested parties should reach out directly to Kevin Cox (Athletic Director) - kevin.cox@culver.org
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    Eagle2 got a reaction from navy80 in Top Juniors   
    No Eli Pack. Only Junior on the podium @ 195, finished 4th.  Wrestled last 2.5 matches at state with a torn UCL, partially torn LCL and dislocated elbow. Time for the toughness questions to go away. Only losses this year were to the 1,2 & 3 kid in the state. Would love to see that 3/4 place match if he wasn’t wrestling with one arm. 1-1 with 7 seconds to go. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to backtothemat in Top Juniors   
    He might be getting a little bit better with that kind of training  😉
    Here’s to a healthy season next year!
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    Eagle2 got a reaction from backtothemat in Top Juniors   
    No Eli Pack. Only Junior on the podium @ 195, finished 4th.  Wrestled last 2.5 matches at state with a torn UCL, partially torn LCL and dislocated elbow. Time for the toughness questions to go away. Only losses this year were to the 1,2 & 3 kid in the state. Would love to see that 3/4 place match if he wasn’t wrestling with one arm. 1-1 with 7 seconds to go. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to base in Jr. Academic All-State   
    Congratulations junior wrestlers/students! I believe it would be a great gesture for the IHSAA to provide all-session tickets for the State Finals at the will-call for any of the athletes making the junior or senior list
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    Eagle2 reacted to SunDevils in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Just curious at what point is it considered "bashing?" For example, Goldman (former IU coach) got "bashed" all the time- whatever that term even means. Is it acceptable because he is a college coach? My assumption is it cannot be based on compensation since I suspect a majority of high school coaches are compensated in some capacity- even though that compensation is likely inconsequential since teachers and coaches are widely underappreciated and underpaid. 
    It seems as though we live in a society that is thin skinned and really takes any form of critique as "bashing."
    Coach TJC seemed to present a reasonable explanation without naming specifics a fair and appropriate response.
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    Eagle2 got a reaction from CoachTJC in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    Brennen Cernus is a 1st class young man. People should get their story straight before posting such stupidity. Good luck Brennen you will be missed. Culver lost a great one!!
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    Eagle2 reacted to CoachTJC in Brennen Cernus Transfer   
    I'm Brennen's father. I received a text from a parent who's son attends Culver regarding this post and the comments made by AdamscoBuschhh. Just to clear the air you don't know me and we never met prior to the finals. I have no idea who you are or why you felt obligated to completely fabricate a post like this. We were in our hotel room between the break prior to finals and my dad doesn't even drink. Anyone that has been around my son knows that he is a quiet, respectful, and focused young man that is a hard worker. I truly feel sorry for you that you would make false statements aimed at a 15yr. old, its pathetic. My name is TJ Cernus, I'd like to know your real name as well. Moving forward, feel free to contact me directly so you can direct your false statements towards me rather than my son. Culver is not a military academy for kids with disciplinary issues. Any one with half a brain would already know this. If they did they would be gone in less than a month, the school has zero tolerance for this. It has military structure however it is not what would be considered rigid. Wyoming Seminary was initially our first school of choice last year prior to enrolling at Culver. We ended up choosing Culver because it was much closer to home and there were a few other families that we are friends with whose son's were also attending. We left Culver because the head coach was not what he portrayed himself or the program to be. There was no direction for the program. It was very unorganized, undisciplined, and there was a severe lack of technical coaching ability. Josh Harper was later added to the staff, he was the reason we decided to stay this past year. Josh was solid, he was intense, a good motivator, and he was there to make everyone better, he cared. Culver is an excellent academic academy and we were disappointed to leave. It was not an easy decision. Academics are our top priority and we expected to have a good balance with wrestling as well, unfortunately that was not the case.
    1prouddad, thank you for your comment, we greatly appreciate it. 
    Indiana puts on a great state tournament and we were proud to be able to be a part of it. My son and our family received an outpouring of support from complete strangers during the course of the season and this is rare. Indiana is very much like Ohio, the wrestling community is a pretty tight knit group that for the most part supports one another. There were numerous people who congratulated Brennen and our family after the finals that were genuinely happy for him. This will be an experience that we will never forget. Thank you Indiana. Best of luck.
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    Eagle2 reacted to Coach Brown in Any news about the injured wrestler from the Deaf School?   
    I spoke with DJ's uncle today at church. He stated that it was just a neck sprain, strain, etc.....He is schedule to see the doctor on Thursday and if he is cleared he will be ready to go. DJ is a great young man and he absolutely LOVES the  sport. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to Galagore in Penn Regional   
    Word as of 12:08 pm EST is NO ALLOWANCE.
    Not sure if all schools have reported practice status or not.
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    Eagle2 reacted to Jayruss in Joseph Walker   
    I was impressed by this kid, thinking he’s going to have a big offseason if he competes in national tournaments. I hope IU takes a hard look at him. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to ontherise219 in East Chicago Semi state pre rankings   
    Incoming Freshman list(everyone's Favorite) @Sig40 youth rankings
    106 Brennen Cernus Culver Military Ohio Middle School Champ
    126 Jesse Mendez Crown Point 3x Middle School State Champ #6 via Flo
    152 Braden Welch Culver Military #36 incoming freshman via Flo
    182 Andrew Donahue Culver Military #4 incoming freshman via Flo
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    Eagle2 reacted to ontherise219 in East Chicago Semi state pre rankings   
    Returners With state Experience (that did not make it in '18)
    113 Jake Armstrong Winamac SQ in '17
    132 Reese Rodriguez Hammond Morton SQ in'16, SQ in '17
    and Finally
    Freshman Sophomore State Medalist (top 😎
    106 Stephan Roberson Crown Point 3rd
    106 Sam Hein Harrison 4th
    106 Malik Hall Merrillville 7th 
    106 Isaiah Ponce Lake Central 8th
    120 Nathan Hadary Penn 3rd
    120 Ethan Kaiser Chesterton 5th
    126 Elijah Crague Lake Central 4th
    126 Gavin Layman Chesterton 5th 
    126 Alex Slates Penn 8th 
    132 Jacob Maldonado Merrillville CHAMP
    132 Shawn Hollis Lowell 4th 
    138 Tyson Nisley LaPorte 7th
    145 Elijah Pack Culver Military CHAMP
    145 Ryan Breedlove Hanover Central 7th 
    152 Aiden Sneed Lowell 4th 
    160 Abel Verbeek Lowell 3rd 
    170 Evan Bates Chesterton CHAMP
    170 Cameron Smith Hobart 4th 
    170 Jason Streck Merrillville 8th 
    182 Khris Walton Merrillville CHAMP
    182 Hunter Rohweder Lowell 3rd 
    182 Brock Hueber Warsaw 4th 
    182 Cody timmerman Mishawaka 5th 
    195 Garrett Sandefer Mishawka 3rd 
    195 Zachary Ditmire Culver Community 8th 
    220 Will Crider Harrison(west Lafayette) 3rd 
    220 Sam Perez Highland 5th 
    285 Yehezquel Devault Penn CHAMP
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    Eagle2 reacted to navy80 in East Chicago Semi state pre rankings   
    Nice job as always! It will be interesting to see how the move ins to CP and Culver will do. Looking forward to watching this play out. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to Wrestlingaddict101 in Preseason Mag?   
    Where do we order the magazine? And how much is it?
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    Eagle2 reacted to OhioTofc in Ohio All-Star Team Now Accepting Applications for Teams thru 2022   
    Non-Ohio Wrestlers May Apply
    Dear Parents & Coaches-
    We are now accepting applications thru 2022 for future Ohio All-Star Wrestling Teams. While we have not yet made a final decision as to whether there will be teams in 2021 and 2022, our hope is to do so. The 2022 Team would be the final Team we would do and would also mark the Team's 40th Anniversary.
    To receive an application, contact: bdbop@aol.com
    Interested wrestlers need to be:
    -enrolled in the 6th thru 9th grade during the school year preceding the summer they wish to travel
    -have an estimated summer weight of 68-150 pounds
    -have a minimum of a 2.5 (B-/C+) grade point average
    Applications received are judged on a combination of three things: wrestling achievements, academic honors and recommendations from references.
    Our Selection Committee has been instructed that they will be reviewing applications on a periodic basis and naming wrestlers to all possible teams.
    So, if you know of a possible candidate, please forward this information on to them.
    We also still have a couple of openings for the 2019 Team. While applications from all wrestlers would be considered, our main focus is on finding a good representative for the following:
    6th or 7th grader currently around 70 pounds
    6th, 7th or 8th grader currently around 80 pounds
    8th or 9th grader around 118-140 pounds
    For additional information on the team, you can view the following Facebook page, or contact bdbop@aol.com: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1658250907549999/

    Yours in Wrestling,
    Bart Freidenberg
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    Eagle2 reacted to Y2CJ41 in Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board   
    If they want to get to the Blair level they will need to disassociate with the IHSAA and go National Preps. That way they basically have no rules and can go to events like Ironman, Beast, Cheesehead, etc. If they could do that, they could easily become the Blair of the midwest. The education at CMA is top notch and add to it the dream of being able to wrestle at those types of events for Indiana or Michigan kids and you could have the making of something very special. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to Mattyb in Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board   
    Hey.... I have a middle schooler (10x ISWA state champ). If someone is willing to give him a $52,000 a year education... I would be open to listening. "Pick your spot".... that's what I've been saying all along. If an opportunity is there and the parents think it is best for a kid..... then go for it. Even better if they get to wrestle for a good team. Even more better if they get a discount!!! I have absolutely no issue with kids getting opportunities because of their talents in athletics. I hope that every wrestler in the state gets the best education possible. If wrestling helps to get them that.. then good for them.  
    I just agree with Lewis. Just don't see much of a difference between P/Ps and Culver. With that said... do what you all want. I have one winding down a wrestling high school career and one that's going to start one in a couple years. I have seen kids switch schools, drive hours to get to private schools, parents get legally separated, people getting apartments in other towns, etc... etc... The parents clearly thought that they were doing what was right for their kids. Nobody can never knock a parent for TRYING to do what is best for their kids.  
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    Eagle2 reacted to lewdwar in Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board   
    No difference then any P/Ps that have sponsors, boosters, financial  aid, and vouchers paying for kids tuition. I’m just suprised it took them so long. If they did it right they could be a Blair. 
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    Eagle2 reacted to Thor in Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board   
    Is that Braden Welch that Flo has 29th on their freshman big board?
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